The past is not far away

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    I sent an article yesterday 《 The past of my hometown 》, Although it's not my hometown , But geographically speaking, the distance is not far , The author is of the same age , Experience the same, naturally feel the same , It refers to the scene of rural love in Wulanchabu area of Inner Mongolia in the 1960s and 1970s , Although not personally involved , But I've heard and seen . Follow the author's train of thought and lament a clumsy poem :

Naked oats are ripe

Yam ( potatoes )

Back to the word white ( cabbage )



            《 Once upon a time in 》

          Spring plough, summer hoe, autumn sickle ,

          Sweat drips on thin fields .

          Half of the grain stored in winter ,

          Can also live for years .

          Farming culture used to be ,

          Bitter also lives and breeds .

          It's just a natural disaster ,

          Once you encounter a lot of complaints .

    1958 The steel plant built in the county was dismounted the following year . The supporting power plant is not abandoned , Get transformation applications , It is specially used for residential lighting , Call after dark , Power failure in the middle of the night , Pull box ( switch ) It's a show , Never used . After eight or nine years, the generator broke down , It's in full swing , I don't know if I'm short of money ? Missing parts ? Lack of technical personnel ? There are still no good people in charge of , It hasn't been repaired , Since then, the power has been cut off , Lighting recovery kerosene lamp . Get up early in the morning , The nostrils are dark , The nose is black .



Cow egg

    At that time, I could make do without electricity , The county is also good , Even in the countryside , Electricity is only used for lighting , It has little impact on life , The well carries water and coal to cook , sunrise , The shop is open , Office work , The dolls study , Farmers work . Sunset , What should be closed, what should be stopped , It's a big deal. Let go of all your work . Not today , Your power failure 24 Try it in an hour , Can't go upstairs, can't get in , Cars honked all over the street , You can't spend money on your mobile phone …… Except for the northwest wind , I guess I can't drink anything . Think of another doggerel :

        《 No electricity, no play 》

Since the industrial revolution , Invented the steam engine .

Various mechanical applications , Take the place of others .

And electrification , Another new era .

Automatic intelligence comes quickly , No electricity, no play .

    The industrial revolution originated in the middle of the eighteenth century , So far, it has been carried out for the fourth time .

  for the first time ( Industry 1.0): The era of mechanization marked by the invention of the steam engine . From the middle of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th century .

  The second time ( Industry 2.0): The era of electrification marked by the invention and wide application of electric power . From the mid-19th century to the 1930s .

  third time ( Industry 3.0): With the discovery and application of atomic energy , Invention and application of computer , The application of automatic control technology is the subject of the automation era . From the 1940s to the 1990s .

  The fourth time ( Industry 4.0): With VLSI ( chip ) The intelligent era marked by the emergence of . The 21st century .( There is such a mention , There is no mature conclusion .)

    from 1759 Year to now , In the past two hundred and sixty years, science and technology have developed rapidly . The past is not far away .

  I hope the fifth industrial revolution will come as soon as possible , Nothing else, just the energy revolution . Because coal and oil , Not an annual plant , There will always be a day when the harvest is finished , It's not too far away .

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