Gossip and story telling 13 • choose what you lack

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The story

    Head of a provincial capital ,zhou The Secretary observed the people's conditions and went deep into the grass-roots level to conduct research . How does a factory pay attention to , How to prepare , How to meet , How to treat , It's going well , Get results …… Needless to say . The last part is to have a discussion with the workers , The secretary is earnest in his words , Ardent care , After thanks and praise , Throw keyword :

  “ If money and conscience are two things , Let you choose one of two , What would you choose ?”

  “ money !” The workers coincided , From the heart , answered .

“ Can you give me a reason ?” A secretary is a secretary , Don't be anxious or angry about unexpected sounds , The discussion was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere .

  “ Because we workers have a conscience , What is missing is money .” The worker got up and said .

  The Secretary from the whole 、 The big picture 、 comprehensive , The workers were influenced 、 education 、 Enlighten :“ Money first , It belongs to three outlooks , We are parents , Only put conscience first .”

  “ That is, leaders don't lack money , Common sense is to choose what you lack .” A worker added , The Secretary pretended not to hear . The meeting went smoothly , Complete all topics , Achieve the desired goal , Achieve satisfactory results .

A few days later, the news will be seen in the news media :“ Former Secretary of the municipal Party committee zhou So and so are suspected of violating discipline and law , Currently under review 、 supervision 、 survey .”  gossip

    An official loses his morality , Lose conscience, be arrested, investigated and dealt with , It's true . Party discipline and state law will not let go , The people cannot tolerate . Official news , The news media often report . The story of the symposium was made up by someone to relieve Qi . But it's logical , In line with reality , Happy after reading , The people relieve their anger !

  Whether for the government or the people , First of all, we must be human . Gold thread is loved by everyone , There must be a way to take it . Officials , Teachers, doctors, lawyers and all the small powers who have a little hard to do , conscience 、 Morality does not , In the end, it will harm others, oneself and family , Luckily you can sleep well ?

    Believe it or not ? I don't believe it .

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