See you in September and hello in October (2021)

Photographic travel works 2021-10-14 05:11:52

        **  1.《 See you in September 》**

          The house disease is reduced and everything is busy ,

          Now coal is short of electricity .

          There is no moon in yunbu Mid Autumn Festival ,

          Autumn rain one after another .

          Dream bowl porridge , Night feast incense ,

          When the child is in trouble, the mother helps .

          There is no water in the river, and the river is dry ,

          The stream overflowed and merged into a river .

          2.《 Hello October 》

          The autumn October Valley is fragrant ,

          The five-star red flag is flying in the wind .

          The people rejoice at the prosperous birthday ,

          Wish the motherland more prosperous and strong .

          The autumn water is long , Qiu Jufang ,

          Maple red, gingko yellow .

          Farmers' hard work is rewarded every day ,

          Laugh and see that the warehouse is full of fruit and grain .

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