Autumn is pleasant

Photography with temperature 2021-10-14 05:11:50

I love autumn best all the year round , On a sunny day , The sky is blue , White clouds float in the sky , It's really pleasing to the eye !

The upper reaches of Fuchun River is Jiande City , There is a famous Xin'anjiang reservoir and a magnificent dam , The middle reaches is Tonglu County , There is Fuchunjiang Hydropower Station , And the world-famous Yanziling fishing platform , Fuchunjiang small Three Gorges , Beautiful scenery , Let visitors linger and forget to return .

Fuchunjiang can be said to be the mother river of Tonglu , Tongjun mountain is the symbol of Tonglu County , Old man Tongjun is a legend , He can be said to be the ancestor of our traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Tonglu .

Fuchun River has different scenery all year round , Every season has different scenery , The river is as blue and clear as ever , Except when there is a flood .

Morning and dusk are the two most beautiful periods , In the morning, when the sun rises slowly from the East , The sun shines on the river , In the distance, a fishing boat came quickly to the shore , Photography lovers have long been waiting on the shore , Just for this moment , They need to get up more than four , Before five o'clock, he rushed to the river and waited hard .

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