Alashan chronicle | how do herdsmen recognize their camels?

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Autumn is like the film put into the developer, and it will be colorful in the twinkling of an eye , Even the dry edge of the desert is no exception . This season always gives people calm , The golden fruit unfolding in front of us , Always want to taste more , Like prey under the mouth of a beast , Think about it without worrying .

People in the desert and grassland are like stars in the sky on an autumn night , Scattered . You have thousands of acres of grassland, and I have 10000 acres of grassland , It really surprised and envied foreigners .

The outsider foolishly repeated a series of so-called questions for verification . Is this grassland , Why don't you see grass on the grassland ? Where do you keep your sheep ? Can more than a hundred camels come ?......

Many facts and truths can only be experienced by yourself , What others say , Even from so-called experts or books are unreliable .

The red flag , How could it be the name of the herdsman , Must have been born during the cultural revolution . Wrinkles spread from the face to the neck , Holding a cigarette in his hand , The other extends to me , Hold it in your hand like a dry shuttle .

It's dry and rainy , The only thing in his family 30 The sheep was also passed on to distant relatives , It cost thousands of dollars just to travel . Being around the red flag always gives me knowledge .

The red flag pointed to a long water tank built in the camel circle surrounded by shuttle and dry firewood, showing wisdom and pride . When their camels come back, they can rest and drink water , Avoid the entry of wild camels . Desert water is always precious .

Red flag has 100 A camel , This season is stocked in 30 Grassland kilometers away . Go and see it once a week .“ Herdsmen's camels each have different marks ”, He drew a picture on the sand “ Ding ” word .“ And every camel in our family has a name , Like a man ”. So I can understand , Why can herdsmen know their camels .

Suppose you have 100 A child , It is said that Emperor Kangxi had 100 children , Can you not know your children ? Can't you name them ? So outsiders question , I don't treat animals as people .

In Paris, , It's not just the capital of France , It can also be the name of Alashan herdsman , And a racer in the desert motorcycle rally . He is busy preparing for the camel festival these days , Because the government's funds are not in place . We are also going to try rotational grazing next year .

Mongolian herdsmen are not conservative , Easy to accept, try new technologies and methods . I read in Marco Polo's biography : Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, once let Marco Polo's father introduce... From Europe 100 Intellectuals came to China . Paris is looking forward to living in solar buildings next year , I suggest it's best to have some elements of Mongolian culture .

The desert herdsmen are short of resources , We can only use local materials . Camel's circle made of shuttle , A sink made of tires , A sheep house surrounded by sheep dung bricks , A water sac made of an inner tube ,......, It's just that the sand can't be used , If one day sand can refine gold or monocrystalline silicon , I wonder if the west of China will inherit the tragedy of the American gold rush .

But now the gold really comes , An ecological resettlement policy is being implemented . Public welfare forest and grassland subsidies will turn some herdsmen into millionaires overnight . But I'm worried that the commonweal forest will play the Commons cup again .

A free life is always pleasant . I really want to thank you for the quiet of this autumn , Thank you for being with the desert Shepherd , Let me stop quietly , Don't chase anything .

On the way to field work , Breathe with all your strength , Looking at the blue sky, silly smile . Thanks for the golden grassland in this season , It makes me feel relaxed and happy .

The heart flutters with the body , Abandoned all the ideological baggage, memories and pain , Only the steadiness of walking with both feet . Harvest along the way , Enough to enrich my inner world for a long time , Let me move forward with strength .

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