You think it's right to be confused, because whose youth is not confused (excerpt from youth inspirations)

Life journey 2021-10-14 05:10:37

1.“ True generosity to the future , It's about giving everything to the present .”

2. Although the world and life are terrible , But one thing is always good , That is youth .—— Xiankevich

3.“ You are as warm as you first saw , But not in line with the time of the year .”

4. The dawn of life is paradise , Youth is the real paradise .—— Wordsworth

5.“ The biggest regret in life , Not having an impossible dream , But when I was young , Didn't work hard .”

6. book , Can keep our childlike innocence ; Books can keep us young .—— Yan Wenjing

7. There is a good saying on the Internet :“ We can't be young without regrets , But to achieve peace of mind in youth .”

Confused youth , It always makes us overwhelmed , But what we think is right , Be sure to stick to it , Let yourself feel at ease .

8. You're right to feel lonely , It's a chance for you to know yourself . You think it's right not to be understood , It's a chance for you to recognize your friends . You think darkness is right , Then you can tell what your light is .——《 Whose youth is not lost 》

9.“ You're right to feel confused , Because whose youth is not confused .”

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