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“ Don't drink hot porridge in a hurry ”, It is also a spoken word of my father .

Many people think porridge is porridge , In fact, the two are different : Porridge is rich in materials , There are many patterns , Like rice porridge 、 mixed congee 、 Meat porridge, etc ; Porridge is made of a single material , It's thinner than porridge ; In addition, the cooking time of porridge is shorter than that of porridge .

Henan “ Rice porridge ” It refers to a paste made of flour , Our place is called “ Muddle headed ”. This is done by :

First, mix some flour with a certain amount of water to make a paste , When the water in the pot boils , Then slowly pour it into the water ; Stir with a spoon while falling down , Make it even , Boil and serve .

I used to drink this “ Muddle headed ”, It is said to save food , But it does have the effect of nourishing the stomach .

It's more like a living habit , When I returned to my hometown a few years ago , My niece and daughter-in-law also took “ Muddle headed ” Bring it to the table .

“ Don't drink hot porridge in a hurry ” Is said : Just after the ceasefire , Porridge is too hot , It will burn your mouth if you drink it urgently , Burn your throat , Even hot stomach . Drink slowly with your mouth , Or turn the mouth skin gently with the edge of the bowl and drink , Are common .

Someone asked :“ Why not wait until it's cold ?”

Porridge thickens when it is cold , On the one hand, it tastes bad , On the other hand, it's not good for the stomach .

Of course , When my father said this , Not to teach us how to drink porridge , But there are other implications .

He stressed that : Be patient in doing things , Dive in ; Don't take chances , be anxious for success .

Feet on the ground , Step by step , Accumulate over a long period , Is the right way to success ; The development of things 、 Evolution is from quantitative change to qualitative change , There needs to be a process , More haste, less speed. .

Take school for example , We should go up year by year ; There is no time to guarantee , The course content is endless . At each stage of study, we must also be serious 、 hard , Otherwise, it may be reworked 、 Repeat the grade .

If the overall number of years is not enough , It's equivalent to stairs without stairs ; Not solid in a certain grade or stage , It is equivalent to that individual steps have potential safety hazards ; Will affect the overall mastery of knowledge .

Said before “ No one asked in ten years , To become famous at one stroke ”, Now it seems , I'm afraid this time is not enough , Because there is more knowledge to be mastered than before .

“ Can sit on a cold bench , Can keep lonely ”, It's both a comfort , It is also a kind of teaching .

The phenomenon of grade skipping also exists , That's a special minority after all ; Overtaking on a curve is a fluke , The consequences are quite dangerous .

In College , Not far from the back door of our campus , There's a turn 90 The road with a bend and then on the bridge , Under the subgrade is a grove .

At this turn , I have witnessed a overtaking accident .

That morning , I'm reading early in the woods , A liberation truck is coming this way , The car is loaded with fresh fish just fished out of the water , There are also a few stevedores sitting on it .

It happened that , There is a horse drawn car in front, which is also turning on the bridge . The driver didn't even think about it , As soon as your brain is hot, you step on the accelerator .

The direction just turned , The body didn't move much further , Under the action of inertia, it directly rolled down the subgrade , It didn't stop until it was blocked by the trunk , The man and fish on the bus were detained in a pit on the side of the road .

When I came near , All the people on board have climbed out of the danger . One by one , stupefied , Like waking up from a nightmare . Fortunately, no one died , It's just that the frightened expression hasn't completely receded .

It is said that the driver is a novice , Even the old driver , It's hard to avoid accidents if you accelerate around the corner .

People who exercise regularly know , Casual activities are good for your health , The problem is to stick to , You can't fish for three days Two days drying net .

What a good sport , It is impossible to achieve results in a short time ; Long-term ( Not once ) insist , Until you get into the habit , The effect comes out naturally .

Whether you are healthy or not , Much depends on the mentality ; And a good attitude not only needs to eliminate greed , Indifferent to fame and wealth , Don't be too quick in character .

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