Tombstone kiss

Life journey 2021-10-14 05:08:22

Change the tenderness of the past , The sun is a little heavy

The wind is the same

Climb on the treetop , Solidify the air

The past precipitated , Then freeze frame

The mountain fog turned into smoke

The pond in the eye socket , No longer full of clear water

The water has been sucked dry by the lips of years


With a pair of old hands

Just gently evoke

Some signs of life

For fear of missing some tiny details

The color of the lips is as pale as white clouds

No lip prints

Your forehead clings to the tombstone

A few drops of blood

Quietly , Dye the name red

Postscript : The old man visited his son lying on the border in this way , More than 40 years of missing , Touching .

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