Yingshang balihe scenic spot (the next day)

Life journey 2021-10-14 05:08:19

Today's Yingshang sky follows the aesthetic poetry of Hefei a while ago , It is particularly clear and far-reaching under the reflection of pavilions . After playing for a day, except for sore feet and leg pain , The deepest impression is such a beautiful blue sky .

Beautiful Chinese corridor . Balihe scenic area is divided into four areas: Southeast and northwest , The most outstanding is the following figure “ American Grand Canyon ”, To be honest , The facilities in the scenic spot are indeed badly maintained —— The security guards who maintain public security are mostly unclear about the location and scenic spots of the park , Many stones and statues around fountains and waterfalls are still attached with spider webs visible to the naked eye ~

morning 10 From 1:30 to 1:40 p.m , More than three hours , We basically visited more than half of the scenic spots in the park . On the whole , The security and order of the scenic spot are still good ; But I had to make complaints about it. , As a country 5A Scenic areas , The commercial atmosphere of balihe in Yingshang is getting stronger and stronger , The trace of axe chisel is also gradually replacing the natural scenery to bring tourists a beautiful experience . It is also hoped that relevant units and departments can better adjust and improve .

A simple lunch .( No more pictures )

At three o 'clock in the afternoon , Transfer to Bengbu on time ~ Yingshang , bye ~(>﹏<)

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