Matchmaker Sister Zhang

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        Matchmaker used to be called , Now commonly known as introducing the object . Those who have part-time jobs are mostly enthusiastic, and those who have leisure have nothing to do . Those who have a professional career are called matchmaking , As a career or even a career, the income should not be low .

        Sister Zhang is an amateur who introduces her , Enthusiastic and free, love to leave things , So enjoy it . Sister Zhang used to be a staff member of the library , Be responsible for sorting books into storage . She used her previous work experience to introduce people . A detailed classification of the men and women at hand . She said that objective conditions are classified, such as by age , According to the nature of work, etc , It can also be based on subjective conditions, such as personality, temperament, etc . I teased her that she had become a manpower expert .

        She built several blind date groups of hundreds of people , Busy all day long . In order to promote marriage, she presided over and organized all kinds of garden party activities , He has become a famous and well-known introducer . Do this for a long time , She summed up some rules or something : If the last married man and woman are divided into ABCD Four grades , The rest is usually A Female and D Men really don't match because they are far apart . and B Men are usually the most popular as long as they are willing to ,A、B、C、D Women can match . The most difficult is A Female and D male . Remarried people , Men without children are the most popular for stable jobs , Or the children give it to the woman . Wait, something like this , She carefully summed it up and taught it to others as experience .

        She now sighs , It's getting harder and harder to introduce people . Parents often find her 、 Value her , And the men and women who are the parties don't want to see her . She said that in the future, matchmaking may be a disappearing industry, because marriage may be gone .

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