How to upgrade this version of the opening software?

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Because of the effort , Fruit goes with fate . But he that doeth good , Don't ask future .

Be careful : Sufficient power shall be maintained during network equipment upgrading , Avoid power failure and damage .

How to upgrade this version of the opening software ?

commonly AC equipment , The core equipment needs to be upgraded at the beginning .

which H3C How to upgrade this version of network device software ?

We use WX3500X Of AC For example, controller !

1、 First go in H3C Download the model manual of relevant network equipment on the official website 、 Version Description ,v7 Version of the upgrade package file .

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2、 Once you download it , There will be an upgrade package after decompression “WX3500X-CMW910-E1038P05.ipe”, This is the software upgrade package required for this example .

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3、 Save the current configuration information of the device before upgrading , Use save command

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4、 Upload the upgrade package to AC( model WX3500X)

5、 View the current file system of the device , See if the upgrade package has been uploaded , Use dir command
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6、 Set the startup file used for the next startup of the device to wx3500x-CMW910-E1038P05.ipe, And specify the startup file type as main, Use command :boot-loader file flash:/wx3500x-CMW910-E1038P05.ipe main
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This command sets whether the primary boot software image continues ? Input Y continue

7、overwrite the existing files? Overwrite existing file ? Input Y Cover
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Input y
 Please add a picture description
8、 Let me view the boot program file information of the device , Use command display boot-loader
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From the output information result, we know that , The program file for next startup has been set to :

The device must have Boot Bao He System The package can run normally

9、 Restart the device , Use command reboot

Check whether the boot file version information of the device is consistent with the upgraded boot file , Use command display version
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