The winner of the fields prize, the highest prize in mathematics, joined Huawei!

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Laurent, the winner of the fields prize, the highest prize in Mathematics · Lafogue (Laurent Lafforgue), Now joined Huawei .

The great mathematical God previously worked for French Institute of higher Sciences  (IHES) Message display , He left the house to work 21 Research institutions in , Officially joined Huawei France (Huawei Technologies France).


Lafarge's cooperation with Huawei should start from 2017 I began to talk about , Huawei funded a two-year project on Topos Research projects on theory and its related applications .

Besides ,2019 Since, Lafarge has also served as Huawei in IHES The head of the chair of algebra and Geometry , And be responsible for Huawei in IHES The youth talent program .

The plan is to 10 An average of... Is provided every year during the year 7 A postdoctoral Scholarship , It is used to support the research work in the early career of mathematics and theoretical physics talents .

Why did LaForge win the fields award in that year , What is the purpose of joining Huawei this time ?

Let's see .

He studies the unified theory of Mathematics

LaForge's main research field in his early years was the Langlands program (Langlands Program).

The Langlands program is powerful , It points out that number theory 、 Algebraic geometry 、 There may be a close relationship between the three independent branches of Mathematics .

The Langlands program proposes that these three branches of mathematics can pass through a L- function Connect , And thus refined into a series of conjectures .

In addition to the Langlands programme itself , Famous in Mathematics Riemann's conjecture BSD guess and Hodge guessed Also all with L- Function related .

Many mathematicians believe that , If it can be proved that the Langlands program is tenable , That means you can build Unified theory in Mathematics .

LaForge's main contribution is to prove that the Langlands program is related to Automorphism group  (Automorphism Group) Part of , And so on 2002 He won the fields award in .


According to French media , LaForge joined Huawei this time, and his main research goal is to study... In algebraic geometry Grothendieck Topos theory .

This theory was developed by mathematicians Alexander Grothendieck stay 60 Years ago , Lafog said he “ I'm glad to have the opportunity to continue this work humbly ”.

It's similar to the Langlands program he was working on before , LaForge and another mathematician Olivia Caramello Put forward Grothendieck Topos It can also be used as a bridge between different mathematical theories .

Why does such a basic mathematical theory attract Huawei's attention ?

According to Huawei and IHES Host “ Mathematical theory in information and communication technology ” As can be seen from the content of the workshop ,Topos The theory is with wireless networks 、 Communication technology related .


It is worth mentioning that , Huawei's famous polar Code is mathematics in 5G The embodiment of practical application in technology .

polar The father of code Erdal Arikan stay 2008 Published mainly for 5G Polarization code scheme for communication coding . But this paper did not get much attention in the academic circles at first .

After Huawei found the value , Invest a lot of money and talents in this project , Finally, this mathematical paper has been transformed into a practical technology and standard .

Ren Zhengfei and Erdal Arikan

from IMO Contestants to the fields prize winner

Say back to Laurent · Lafog himself , His talent for mathematics appeared as early as his youth .

He 1966 Born in Anthony, France .18 At the age of , He took off his first International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Silver medal . After an interval of one year , namely 1985 year , He harvested another IMO Silver medal .

1986 year , He was admitted to the Mathematics Department of Paris Normal University .

thereafter , In his 28 At the age of , He was educated by Gerard at the eleventh University of Paris · Lomon (Gérard Laumon) To guide the , Complete the doctoral thesis .

It is worth mentioning that , Gerard · Lomon is also another fields prize winner —— Wu Baozhu's mentor .


After graduation , Laurent · LaForge was 2000 In, he was awarded by the French Institute of higher sciences (IHÉS) Tenure , As a professor of Mathematics .

2003 year , He became an academician of the French Academy of Sciences .

Also during this time , Laurent · LaForge won various heavyweight Awards .

Include 2000 Clay Research Award in (Clay Research Awards).

as well as 2002 The year is on the 24 The fields prize won at the th International Conference of mathematicians .

Laurent · Lafog and Vincent · Lafogue

Actually , At lafog's house , He is not the only mathematician .

His brother Thomas Lafforgue and Vincent Lafforgue Also engaged in Mathematical Research .

Vincent Lafforgue still 2018 year , Also because of his contribution to the Langlands Programme , He won the mathematical breakthrough award in the scientific breakthrough award .

Origin with China

As mentioned above , As early as 2017 year , Laurent · Lafog has already started to cooperate with Huawei , Research Topos theory .

This has something to do with Huawei's consistent emphasis on basic science .

before , Ren Zhengfei has repeatedly expressed the need to pay attention to basic science ,“ If the country wants to be strong , Mathematics is the foundation ”.

According to Ren Zhengfei ,2006 Years later, , Huawei has established mathematical research institutes in Russia and France, two traditional mathematical powers .

2020 year 10 month , Huawei opens Lagrange research center in Paris . This is the first time Huawei has established in France 6 Home R & D Center , Major in mathematics and Computing .

actually , Laurent · Lafog's relationship with China is more than that .

Last decade , Laurent · LaForge often gives lectures in Chinese Universities , Footprints all over the Chinese Academy of Sciences 、 Tsinghua University 、 China University of science and technology 、 Chongqing University 、 Northwest University and other domestic universities .

Picture source : University of science and technology of China

Coincidentally, , His fields Award , It happened to be awarded in Beijing ——2002 year , The first 24 The th International Congress of mathematicians was held in Beijing , He and the Russian mathematician kimir · Wowski jointly won the fields award at the conference .

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