Acrobat Supports Japanese paste and copy

If we see a Japanese picture , Want to do OCR distinguish

And want to OCR After recognition, paste the above Japanese directly , Must be set as follows :


Because the default is Chinese , If not set ,OCR It's random code

The end result is as follows :

60 Old generation にピークを a つー Peak の Distribution を a していた( A kind of
1).しかし, 10 Old generation など If the young layer の Symptomatic cases もみられた.
men 32 example (36.0%), women 57 example (64%)と women に many かっ
た. Drinking がない Symptomatic cases は72 example (80.9%),アレルギー disease
Suffer from past のない example は81 example (91.0%), Physical liver damage の past
がない example は82 example (92.1%)であった( A kind of 2). Basic diseases の
ある Symptomatic cases は71 example (79.8%)であった( A kind of 3)


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