Difference between GPS and RTK (Reprint)

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Refer to Baidu's explanation and the following website :

Global positioning system (Global Positioning System,GPS)

It is a high-precision radio navigation positioning system based on man-made earth satellite , It can provide accurate geographical location anywhere in the world and near earth space 、 Vehicle speed and accurate time information .GPS Since I was born , With its high accuracy 、 all-weather 、 Global coverage 、 Convenient and flexible, attracting many users .GPS Not just the patron saint of the car , At the same time, it is also a smart star in logistics industry management . With the rapid development of logistics industry ,GPS It plays an important role , It has become the second major consumer group after the automobile market .GPS It's the United States 20 century 70 In the s, it began to develop , after 20 year , At a cost of 200 Billion dollars , On 1994 Completed in , Have in the sea 、 lu 、 A new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system with omni-directional real-time three-dimensional navigation and positioning function .

One of the positioning technologies is Real time differential positioning ;

GPS The principle of real-time differential positioning is On the existing precise geocentric coordinates put GPS Receiver ( be called Reference station ), Use the known geocentric coordinates and ephemeris to calculate GPS Correction value of observed value , And through radio communication equipment ( It's called a data link ) Send the correction value to In motion GPS Receiver ( It's called a mobile station ). mobile station Use the correction value to correct your GPS The observed values are corrected , To eliminate the above errors , So as to improve the real-time positioning accuracy .GPS There are many kinds of dynamic difference methods , There are mainly position differences 、 Pseudo range difference ( RTD)**、 Carrier phase real-time differential (RTK)** And wide area difference ;

RTK(Real - time kinematic, Real time dynamic ) Carrier phase difference technique , It is a differential method for real-time processing of carrier phase observation of two measuring stations , Send the carrier phase collected by the reference station to the user receiver , Calculate the difference and calculate the coordinates . This is a new and commonly used satellite positioning measurement method , Previous static 、 Fast static 、 Dynamic measurements need to be solved afterwards in order to obtain centimeter accuracy , and RTK It is a measurement method that can obtain centimeter level positioning accuracy in real time in the field , It adopts the carrier phase dynamic real-time difference method , yes GPS Major milestones in application , Its appearance is engineering setting out 、 Topographic mapping , Various control measurements bring new measurement principles and methods , Greatly improve the operation efficiency .

RTK (Real Time Kinematic), Carrier phase difference technology , It can provide the three-dimensional positioning results of the survey site in the specified coordinate system in real time , And achieve centimeter accuracy . stay RTK In operation mode , The base station collects satellite data , The observation value and station coordinate information are transmitted to the mobile station through the data link , The mobile station performs real-time carrier phase difference processing on the collected satellite data and the received data link ( It took less than a second ), Get centimeter level positioning results .

To understand RTK, You have to know first “** Difference ”** What is it? ?

Difference Is to put GPS Try every means to separate . Install a mobile base station on a reference point at a known location , You can know the deviation of the positioning signal . Send this deviation to the mobile station to be located , The mobile station can obtain more accurate location information

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