Download tensorflow using pychar and Anaconda

Programmer base 2021-10-14 04:37:33

First download Anaconda, See other blogs .

First step

open Pycharm, find File-Settings-Project Interpreter.
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The second step

Click the setting symbol there , Choose what pops up add Options
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The third step

Select the one on the left conda-environment( We use Anaconda To help us configure and manage the environment , It's convenient )

If this is the first time to create an environment , choice new environment

Note here to choose python Version of , Now? tensorflow It seems to support only 3.7 And the following versions .

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Step four

Click on ok, Click again ok That's it .

Next we can go to Anaconda Download the package we need for the environment we created in .

Or directly at Pycharm Download .

Click on ‘+‘ Download package No .

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