Feiling realizes the communication display scheme of bladder ultrasonic volumeter based on i.mx6q-c core board

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One 、 Bladder ultrasonic volumeter

There are a large number of patients with bladder diseases in China , The diagnosis of bladder diseases is generally B Ultrasonic diagnosis , Conventional B Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment is generally a comprehensive diagnostic instrument , Not only is it expensive , Moreover, operators need professional training , laborious , It greatly increases the treatment cost of patients .

Portable bladder volume measuring instrument , It can reduce Medical care cost , It also brings convenience to patients and medical staff . Based on the principle of ultrasonic echo imaging, the bladder imaging system is built , The ultrasonic wave is generated and received through the ultrasonic probe , Filter the received echo signal , Detection and other operations , Then the amplitude information is extracted and finally converted into a gray image to be displayed on the display screen , The ultrasonic diagnosis of human tissue is realized .

The bladder was measured axially by three-dimensional ultrasound probe 180 Degree scan , obtain 12 Ultrasound images of bladder with different sections , The reconstituted ultrasound image is processed after image preprocessing edge detection , Construct a three-dimensional model of the bladder , The volume of bladder can be quickly estimated by integrating the volume of three-dimensional space .







Two 、 Use scenarios

1、 Long term care homes and rehabilitation hospitals

With the development of global aging ,80 There are more and more old people over the age of , With age , The elderly have frequent urination , Urgency of urination , Urinary incontinence and other symptoms increased significantly , The bladder volume tester enables nursing service personnel to measure bladder volume quickly 、 Easily assess and record bladder volume , So that the treatment of urinary incontinence symptoms in elderly patients becomes easier , It can also determine the type of incontinence in the elderly , Check urinary retention * , Ensure patient comfort , Improve the work efficiency of nursing staff .

2、 The hospital

Catheter related urinary tract infection ( catheter associated urinary tract infection,CAUTI) It means that after the patient indwelling the catheter , Or pull out the catheter 48h Urinary tract infection in .CAUTI It is the most common health care related infection in the world , It is caused by the extensive use of urinary catheters in hospitals and long-term care . The acquired urinary tract infection in the hospital is directly related to the indwelling catheter .

CAUTI Prevention strategies , It is very important to reduce unnecessary catheter indwelling , Indwelling catheter must have clear indication . Indwelling catheter should not be used in the treatment of urinary incontinence . Unless other measures to deal with urinary incontinence are ineffective , And the patient asked for a catheter . Medical institutions should make a list of indications for indwelling urinary catheters , Train the staff , And regularly evaluate the implementation . Before catheterization , Doctors should issue medical orders . In many foreign clinical guidelines , It is recommended that medical institutions consider using portable bladder scanning instruments , To determine whether postoperative patients need to indwelling catheter .

3、 Home care

The home bladder volume tester is mainly used for incontinence nursing , And scientifically guide bladder function training . Incontinence patients can get appropriate treatment and services to restore normal bladder function . Bladder function training , Needs to be completed during the preliminary assessment PVR( Residual urine volume measurement ), Urination diary ; Make an individual toilet plan , Bladder training program . I know the bladder capacity , You can keep the urine in the bladder a little longer , Make the bladder muscles stronger again , Will be able to control for longer , Reduce the number of urination .


One 、 FETMX6Q-C Core board scheme



1、B Super probe

2、FPGA: Collect the signal returned by the ultrasonic probe and process the signal ;

3、 display : Display bladder volume 3D Stereo imaging ;

4、 Key : Key operation , Input information, etc ;

5、USB: external usb equipment ,u disc 、 Mouse, etc. ;

6、WIFI: Bluetooth integrated module :WIFI Connect wirelessly to a computer or organization center system , Bluetooth external Bluetooth printer , Print patient information ;

7、 bluetooth : External Bluetooth printer , Can print bladder image 、 Patient information and volume value ;

8、TF card : Can store cases ;

9、 lithium Battery powered circuit : Battery powered 、 The portable .

10、io: Press the key to enter patient information .

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