2021, can we recommend using Linux to play games?

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Every day ,Linux Are making continuous progress , To support modern games with appropriate graphics support . however , We can recommend Linux For games ?

You often hear Linux Enthusiasts praise Linux Improved game features on . Yes , Considering that Linux The progress made in supporting modern games on the desktop ,Linux Has been greatly improved in the game .

even to the extent that Lutris The creator of also mentioned in our interview  .

however , Is there anything worth hyping about ? We can recommend to gamers Linux Do you ? Linux Is it suitable for playing games ?

In this article , I want to share some information about Linux Playing games on the system , And share my views on it .

You can Linux Play games on ? Yes !

If someone ever told you , Can't be in Linux Play games on the Internet , That's not right .

You can Linux Play all kinds of games without any big obstacles . and , in the majority of cases , It's playable , And it will provide a good game experience .

in fact , If you don't know where to start , We have a    To offer you .

Need a specific Linux Can I play the game only with the distribution ?

Is not the case, . It depends on how convenient you want to experience .

for example , If you wish Linux The distribution works well with your graphics driver , And get the latest hardware support , So there are some distributions that can do . Again , If you just want to use integrated GPU Play native Linux Independent game , Any distribution can .

therefore , Before you open Linux While on the game trip , There are some factors that affect your choice of distribution .

Never mind , To help you , We provide a useful  .

Linux Virtual reality games on , alas ……

I'm sure VR The game is not yet fully popular . however , If you want to be in VR Get an exciting experience on your helmet , that choice Linux Being your preferred platform may not be a good idea .

You're not here Linux Drivers or applications needed to get a convenient experience on . No distribution can help you solve this problem .

If you want to know more about the state of virtual reality , You can see    Blog posts and    Use on Valve Of VR Interesting experience of helmet .

I have provided links to these blog posts for reference , But all in all —— If you want to experience VR game , Please avoid using Linux( If you are too busy , Feel free to try ).

Can be in Linux Play Windows Systematic games ?

Sure , You can't either .

You can use  , But it also has some problems , Not every game can run .

for example , I ended up using Windows Go Play City Sports 《》. If you like car simulation or racing games , This is a masterpiece you may not want to miss .

Maybe we can see it pass through... In the near future Steam Play Perfect operation , Who knows? ?

therefore , One thing is for sure , You will encounter many similar games , May not work at all . It's a cruel fact .

and , Know if the game can be played in Linux Up operation , Please go to    And search the game , See if it has at least “ gold ” state .

Can a multiplayer game with an anti cheating engine ?

Many gamers prefer to play multiplayer games , Such as 《》、《》 and 《》.

However , Some popular games that rely on anti cheating engines can't be played in Linux Up operation . It is still a work in progress , Maybe in the future Linux The kernel version implements —— But there is no such thing as .

Please note that , image 《》、《Dota 2》、《 Team Fortress 2》、《》 Wait for multiplayer games to provide native Linux Support and work well !

I would recommend Linux Come and play a game ?

Considering that you can play a lot Windows Exclusive game 、 Native independent games , as well as Linux A variety of native support AAA game , I can recommend that first-time users try Linux Play games on the Internet .

however , need Be careful Yes. —— I suggest you make a list of the games you want to play , To make sure it's in Linux There is no problem running on . otherwise , You may end up wasting a lot of time troubleshooting without results .

Don't forget it , I Believe Linux Upper VR Games are a big problem .

and , If you want to explore all the latest and best games , I suggest you stick to Windows The game computer .

Although I should encourage more users to adopt Linux As a game platform , But I won't ignore why ordinary consumers still like to use Windows The objective fact that machines play games .

What do you think ? Do you agree with me ? Welcome to share your thoughts in the comments area below !


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