Euler: here comes the operating system that wants to unify the digital infrastructure

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all the time , cloud 、 tube 、 edge 、 Fragmentation in the field of end-to-end operating systems , These are real problems that we have to face . Use a system on the server , Using another system on a cloud computing cluster , The edge computing device and embedded device are a new system . It seems natural , Devices in different scenarios should use different operating systems .

But today, with the exponential development of computer technology and computing infrastructure , Should we still stick to the rules ? In the consumer sector , We have seen an increasingly obvious trend of system integration , such as , Apple wants to use the same system across the board , To provide users with the best experience ; For another example, Huawei's Hongmeng also integrates different operating systems , Let the general public also feel the colorful life of interconnection of all things .

At this point, we can't help asking : Whether it should be bigger 、 More macro scene , Integrate more computing scenarios ? As Euler's formula reveals , The world is unified , Whether the computing world has also ushered in the opportunity of unification ?

Euler : A unified technology community dominated by open source

Commercial companies due to limited manpower , Often only choose to do deep ploughing in one field , In order to obtain greater benefits ; And compared with that , The open source community is different , People will be based on the pursuit of open ideas , And constantly iterating over a product . The open source community has almost unlimited developer participation , And its open model , It also makes a unified and consistent product possible .

Linux The kernel is a very typical example . The original Linux The kernel is just a little toy for personal computers , With the unremitting investment of open source contributors all over the world for 30 years , Today, Linux It has spread from supercomputing 、 Cloud computing 、 The server 、 Personal desktop 、 The Internet of things 、 Different usage scenarios such as intelligent terminals , Across from x86ARMRISC More than ten computing architectures , In a sense, it lays a unified calculation Foundation .

But on the other hand , although Linux And its ecology have built a flat and broad foundation , But we also see , Even on a kernel that comes from a door , Because of commercial interests 、 Computing power limitation 、 User experience and other factors , What we often see is the fragmentation at the operating system level .

And this time , Euler (openEuler) Hope to be based on the open source community , Work with the community to build a Open source operating system for digital infrastructure , thus , Not just the underlying kernel , At a higher level, it also achieves unified integration and interconnection .

The new Euler operating system can be widely deployed on servers 、 Cloud computing 、 Edge of computing 、 Embedded and other devices , Application scenario coverage  IT information technology Information Technology)、CT Communications technology Communication Technology) and  OT Operational technology Operational Technology), Implement a unified operating system and support multiple devices , One time application development covers the whole scene .

Different from the operating system that used to belong to the company , Euler is a developer's operating system . Although Euler originated from Huawei , But its growth benefits from the participation and investment of developers , In turn, it promotes the development of developers . So far  100  Many enterprises 、 Institutions and other organizations join , Gathered more than  6000  Multiple developers ,10  Many domestic mainstream  OSV  Based on Euler, a commercial release was released . For developers , cloud 、 tube 、 edge 、 End to end fusion , Help developers reduce development costs . Developers can base on the same technology base , Develop an application that can be applied in different scenarios , So as to obtain more users and possibilities .

Euler : Tool driven release changes

In the past openEuler Focus on Kunpeng Ecology , And now Euler will cover from x86ARMRISC And so on , To support a wider range of computing scenarios .

In the past openEuler Focus on server operating system , It is mainly used in server scenarios , And with the release of the new Euler ,openEuler Will expand its scene , Overwrite server 、 Cloud computing 、 Edge computing and embedded devices . From only dealing with server problems , Extended to solve more scenarios 、 New operating system for more complete equipment .

Such an upgrade , In order to make better use of different devices and computing power in different scenarios , Through the unification of operating system level , Make computing power easier to schedule , Maximize the use of computing power .

More Than This , In order to reach this goal better and faster , The Euler community also provides a range of tools and capabilities , So that developers can according to their own needs , Cut and configure the system you need . Such as , The ability to package the full stack atomisation of the operating system can be configured and set , More simply complete the cutting of the system , To cope with edge oriented computing 、 Scenarios with less computing and storage resources such as embedded devices , Better service these devices .

Of course , It's more than that .

For developers , The convergence of operating systems is certainly a good thing , But for developers , Little perception , Because changes at the operating system level are often changes in the underlying tools , At the developer level , It will take a lot of time . But the release of Euler community this time, in addition to the upgrade of the operating system , It also provides Beiming Technology Architecture —— Beiming architecture is an enabling software stack for diverse computing hardware and clusters , Simplify development and deployment in a diverse computing environment , Fully release the computing power . Through Beiming , Developers want to develop applications on multiple devices with Euler installed , It also becomes simpler .

Euler : Share technology with Hongmeng

This Euler upgrade , In addition to the upgrading of architecture and computing scenarios , Another big upgrade is Euler will share the underlying technology with Hongmeng , Build user ecology .

As an intelligent terminal oriented device , It can be covered by a large number of devices and rich operation experience , Provide more opportunities for developers . Euler, as a server-side scenario , An operating system that pursues security and stability , Through the combination with Hongmeng , Better provide services for user scenarios .

A greater advantage of the combination of Hongmeng and Euler is , With the opening of the underlying foundation , The smart devices around us , And cloud servers 、 Edge computing devices , Can have a better way to interact , From the past API Realize data synchronization , It becomes possible with the help of distributed soft bus , So that smart devices can borrow computing power from nearby devices 、 Control , This will be more simple and direct .

And this cloud 、 tube 、 edge 、 End fusion , Put the server 、 Network devices 、 Internet of things devices 、 Intelligent terminals, etc , It will also bring a new wave of application development , You may find that , Scenes that were difficult to achieve in the past , Now you can do it in a simpler way . As technology advances , Bring user experience 、 Operation experience 、 Further improvement of management experience .

We can imagine , some time , When Hongmeng and Euler combine , We walked into the computer room with Hongmeng's mobile phone , You can immediately see the information between different servers , And these information can be transmitted through the distributed soft bus , We can be simpler 、 Directly operate the data and functions on the server .

As you can imagine , Euler + Hongmeng will permeate every application around us , therefore , In my submission , The Euler community may be moving towards element Operating systems are evolving , From the bottom , To data , from API To AI, Unified on a larger level 、 The fusion .

The operating system that needs to unify the digital infrastructure

The perfect Euler formula , It presents the unified beauty of Mathematics , Euler operating system , Whether the digital infrastructure can be unified ? I think this question , It should be revealed by the open source community .

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