So... Can the code really be written at the age of 50?

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15  At the age of , You are addicted to computer games , Your parents think your life is ruined , But how did you lose on the silent reply .

19  At the age of , You were admitted to college , I chose computer major . Relatives think you can open an Internet cafe in the future , But you know the secret of binary ( Who is the  0, Who is the  1?).

23  At the age of , You walk out of the University Room , Into the dye vat of society . Your parents asked you to find a job as a civil servant , But you chose to hit the south wall of reality .

27  At the age of , You've been out for years , What the family is looking forward to 「 wish your kids a promising future 」 You are a man without , You're still wondering : this Bug Who on earth joined in .

32  At the age of , You've heard that this age is unlucky in this business , But this year you rose to  P8, Dubbed 「 The most beautiful contrarian 」.

38  year 、45  year 、50  year …… Your story continues , People say you're a legend in the programmer world , You say : Industry development , It should be .

You don't believe this is your story , But you don't know what your story will become ……

If the family is not poor , I don't want to be a yard farmer .

If , I mean, if , Your life can come back ?

Maybe , This is the script ?

Maybe , This is the plot ?

Maybe , It's such an unprecedented experience ?

Maybe , This is the end ?

Maybe , You can unlock such achievements ?

Your life , What kind of ending can be simulated ?

Not as good as …… Let's try it again ?


「」 Inspired by open source 「 Life reopens 」, Written by the great God moon shadow of byte beating front-end technology , And according to MIT Open source protocol GitHub On , Address : , Welcome to issue To build .

stamp  , Restart your career !

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