An open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange

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Open source users now have a powerful 、 Full featured groupware options .

these years , Microsoft Exchange As a platform, it firmly rules the groupware environment . However , stay 2020 end of the year , An Austrian open source software developer launched  , This is a groupware server and client , Its appearance and feel make Exchange and Outlook Users feel familiar with .

grmmunio Projects can be a good substitute for Exchange. Developers connect components to the platform in the same way as Microsoft , They support RPC ( Remote procedure call ) And HTTP agreement . According to the developer ,grommunio It also includes many common groupware interfaces , Such as IMAP、POP3、SMTP、EAS(Exchange ActiveSync)、EWS(Exchange Web Services)、CalDAV and CardDAV. With such broad support ,grommunio Can be smoothly integrated into the existing infrastructure .

Users will notice that Outlook、Android and iOS There is little difference for the client . Of course , As open source software , It also supports other clients . Due to the integration of native Exchange agreement ,Outlook And smartphones and grommunio It's like communicating with Microsoft Exchange The server is the same . Everyday enterprise users can continue to use their existing clients , and grommunio The server runs quietly in the background .

Not just mail

In addition to the mail function ,grommunio The interface also provides a calendar system . You can click Create appointment directly in the calendar display or in a new tab . It's intuitive , As you expect from modern tools . Users can create 、 Manage and share calendars and address books . Both private and regular contacts support , And you can share everything with your colleagues .

Task management displays the task list in the drop-down menu on the left , They can have one owner and multiple collaborators . You can specify a deadline for each task 、 Category 、 Attachments and other properties . Notes can be managed and shared with other team members in the same way .

Chat 、 Video conferencing and file synchronization

In addition to all the standard functions of modern groupware ,grommunio Chat is also available 、 Video conferencing and file synchronization . It realizes large-scale and comprehensive integration for enterprises , High performance . For the promoters of open source , This is a simple choice , For system administrators , This is a powerful choice . because grommunio The goal is to integrate rather than reinvent , So all components are standard open source tools .

Screenshot of grommunio meeting space

For advanced video conferencing Jitsi Integrate (Markus Feilner, )

stay grommunio Behind the conference function is  , It integrates smoothly into... With a familiar user interface grommunio In the user interface . The fully integrated and centrally managed chat function is based on  .

Screenshot of grommunio's town square for chat

For chatting Mattermost(Markus Feilner,)

  Promise to provide enterprise level file sharing and synchronization , Click on “ file ” Button to start .

Screenshot of grommunio file sharing space

For file synchronization and exchange ownCloud(Markus Feilner,)

grommunio The project has a powerful management interface , Including characters 、 Domain and organization management 、 Predictive monitoring and self-service portal . be based on shell The wizard guides the administrator through the installation and from Microsoft Exchange Migrating data . The development team is working hard , For better integration and more centralized management , And then provide better workflow for Administrators .

Screenshot of grommunio dashboards

grommunio Management interface of (Markus Feilner, )

Explore grommunio

grommunio The goal of the project is high , But its developers have made efforts , This is obvious . A German custodian service specializing in tax consulting recently announced , Their customers can use grommunio, This is an industry in which German data protection law is particularly strict .grommunio The project is well done : Put the existing 、 The concept of success is cleanly combined , Open 、 Secure and privacy compliant communications .


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