5 open source software that can replace zoom

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Try one of these open source video conferencing services .

I recently took part in    meeting , It is held on a free and open source video conference platform . When I attended a series of wonderful lectures on the practical use of open source software , I realize that video conferencing has become very common in the past few years .

If open source does anything , That provides a choice , Now more and more workers have the freedom to work remotely , It makes sense to have a choice about how you connect .

Sometimes , You need a full-featured video conferencing application , This includes reviewing 、 Presentation mode and group discussion room , And other times , All you want to do is make a quick call to your friend , To see each other's faces .


  It's a simple 、 at will 、 But a powerful video call platform . You can host it yourself , It can also be in    Use it on public instances of . It has customizable URL, It's easy to share links with friends you want to meet 、 Chat on the phone 、 Management control , And call recording . Its development is very active , A large number of new features are tested and released every year . It is    Platform for our weekly meetings .


  It has become a popular security focused chat application , Recently it has increased    The function of . Video calls are great for simple meetings , And because you can only work with your Signal Meet other people in your contact list , So don't worry about uninvited guests in your video conference . When you try to locate the virtual room where you should participate in the meeting , There's no going back and forth “ Telephone tag ”. It all happened Signal in , So there is no need to guess .

Signal Itself is very intuitive , The video feature is well suited to its existing conventions . In short , As long as your contacts are using Signal, This is an effortless video call platform . This is my application for personal contact , I often use its video call function to contact my friends and family .


  Is the simplest of these , Whether it's design or implementation . adopt WebRTC Work ,p2p.chat It's a Web application , Allows you to connect directly to the person you are calling , Without the need for a hosting server .p2p.chat There are not many interfaces , But that's another part of its appeal . No management control or presentation mode , because p2p.chat To a large extent, it is promised in science fiction films “ visual telephone ”: Relaxed person to person with people far away ( Or people to people ) Video call .

You can use custom URL To dynamically create a meeting space , So they are relatively easy to remember ( Except for small random parts ) And the input . I'm not with you Signal Friends on use p2p.chat, It never let me down .


If you need strict management control and extreme flexibility ,  It's the solution you're looking for , It is designed for classrooms 、 Designed for meetings and speeches . With BigBlueButton, You can mute all attendees , Stop and kick a participant , Create a group discussion room , Create a collaborative whiteboard , Share screen , Give a speech , And record the meeting . Participants can “ Hands up ” Show attention , And set their status to nonverbal communication . It's easy to use , But it is a serious platform , For key and very large groups . I've participated in some use BigBlueButton Technical meeting of , Include   meeting .


  It's a great choice for enterprise customers looking for hosting video chat and groupware clients . It is    The license , This open source project can be used for desktops and servers 、 Android and iOS. It has a video call 、 Sending letters and file sharing , therefore , Even teleconferencing , Basically, there are all the conveniences of meeting in person . You can try it for free for a limited time Wire, Then buy a support contract for your company . in addition , You can also host it yourself .

Open source video chat

There is no reason to be content with proprietary video calls hosted by companies you may not fully trust . The open source options available today are great for keeping in touch with everyone in your professional and personal life . The next time you want to meet a friend , Try one of these solutions .


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