It's not windows or Linux. Shrink is the "God operating system"

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In the life , We've all used a variety of operating systems . Some good , Some bad . But you can say that you have used “ god ” Designed operating system ? today , I'd like to introduce you to Shrine( The temple ).

What is? Shrine?

Shrine Interface

From the introduction , You may want to know what's going on . Um. , It all started with a man named Terry Davis People who . Before we go any further , I'd better remind you ,Terry Suffering from schizophrenia before death , And often don't take medicine . Because of that , In his life, he said or did something that was not accepted by the society .

All in all , Let's go back to the main line of the story . stay 21 At the beginning of the century ,Terry Released a simple operating system . these years , It kept changing several names , Yes J Operating System、LoseThos and SparrowOS wait . He finally decided  ( Temple system ) The name . He chose the name because the operating system would become “ The temple of God ”. therefore ,“ god ” to Terry The operating system specifies the following  :

  • It will have 640×480 Of 16 Color graphic display
  • It will use “ Mono 8 Bit signed similar MIDI Sound sampling ”
  • It will follow Commodore 64, namely “ A simple non Networked Machine , Programming is the goal , Not just a means to an end ”
  • It will only support one file system ( be known as “Red Sea”)
  • It will be limited to 10 Ten thousand lines of code , To make it “ The whole is easy to learn ”
  • “ Only support Ring-0 level , Everything runs in kernel mode , Including user applications ”
  • The font will be limited to “ A kind of 8×8 Equal width font ”
  • “ Full access to everything . All memory 、I/O port 、 Instructions and similar things are by no means limited . All functions 、 Variables and class members are accessible ”
  • It will only support one platform , namely 64 position PC

Terry In a way he called HolyC( holy C Language ) The operating system is written in a programming language .TechRepublic Call it a “C++ Modified version of (‘ Than C many , Than C++ Less ’)”. If you are interested in understanding HolyC, I recommend    and    Upper HolyC entry .

2013 year ,Terry Announce on his website ,TempleOS Already completed . Unfortunately , A few years later, 2018 year 8 month ,Terry Killed by a train . He was homeless . these years , Many people followed him through his work on the operating system . Most people are impressed by his ability to write an operating system in such a small volume .

Now? , You may want to know about TempleOS Discussion and Shrine What does it matter . ok , just as Shrine Of    said , It is “ A design for pagans TempleOS Distribution version ”.GitHub user    Created Shrine, by TempleOS add to Terry Neglected functions . These functions include :

  • And TempleOS Program 99% The compatibility of
  • with Lambda Shell, It feels a bit like a classic Unix command interpreter
  • TCP/IP Protocol stack and power on to access the Internet
  • Includes a package downloader

minexew We are planning to add more features in the future , But it hasn't announced exactly what it will include . He has a plan for Linux Make a complete TempleOS Environmental Science .


Give Way Shrine It's quite easy to run in a virtual machine . All you need to do is install the virtualization software of your choice .( My is VirtualBox) When you are Shrine When creating a virtual machine , Make sure it's 64 Bit , And at least 512MB Of memory .

Once you start to Shrine, Will ask if you want to install to your ( fictitious ) On hard disk . Once the installation is complete ( You can also choose not to install ), You will see a tour of the operating system , You can explore .


TempleOS ( and Shrine) Obviously not to replace Windows or Linux. Even if Terry Call it “ Temple of God ”, I believe when he is sober , He will also admit that this is more like an amateur operating system . Consider this , The finished products are quite  . stay 12 In a matter of years ,Terry He created a little more than... In his own language 10 Ten thousand lines of code operating system . He also wrote his own compiler 、 Graphics library and several games . All this was done while fighting his own personal demons .


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