In 2021, the talent incentive plan of Linux foundation open source software School Park was officially launched

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Linux Foundation since 2011 Year begins , It starts every year LiFT The scholarship program , For those who have ideals 、 Developers who love learning 、 System administrator 、 Open source novices and others provide free training opportunities , Let more people know about open source 、 Learning the open source 、 Participate in open source .2010 Since then ,Linux The foundation has issued 1100 Multiple Scholarships , Worth millions of dollars .

2021 year LiFT The scholarship selection has been successfully completed , Many applicants are impressive , Full of enthusiasm and spirit of open source . For example, those who are studying for a master's degree in Computer Science George Gognadze,George The first web application to report bullying was established in Georgia , And participated in many local technical activities . He hopes to share his knowledge gained from this scholarship with others in the community , And start contributing to the wider open source community . 

George Gognadze  LiFT scholarship 2021 Winner of the year

except George outside , There are many different industries 、 People of different social identities want to learn open source , Actively join open source , Contribute to open source in different fields . Visit to learn more about the winners .


Linux The foundation open source software park is Linux The Asia Pacific region of the foundation and open source China have joined hands , Jointly build a technical exchange platform , The core idea is to train more open source software talents for China , Constantly promote international technology exchange and talent exchange . The talent incentive program is designed to IT Open source training opportunities for talents in the industry , Expand the diversity of technologies within the open source community , by IT Provide a clear path for talent growth .

2020 year ,Linux The talent incentive program of the foundation's Open Source Software School Park is the first in China , It is widely supported by Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan developers , The most popular scholarship category is open source enthusiasts 、 Open source Xiaobai and college students . Visit to view last year's outstanding Winners . 

2020 year Linux Many excellent open source talents have emerged in the talent incentive plan of the foundation's Open Source Software Park , For example, Yi ershan , In junior high school, I had a vague understanding of open source , In the university “ Rediscover ” 了 GNU/Linux The free world , And have a deeper understanding of how the open source community works . Now , He is active in Deepin and Manjaro The BBS , Often in GitHub Provide feedback to developers on , And in AUR Some software packages are maintained on . Although now he is only a non IT Open source enthusiasts in the industry , But always willing to contribute to the open source community .

Yier mountain   2020 year Linux Winner of the talent incentive plan of the foundation's Open Source Software Park

2021 year Linux The talent incentive plan of the foundation's open source software park will be upgraded , Compared with last year , This year, we will expand the selection crowd , Classify scholarship categories from social status and technical level , No matter from any industry 、 In any job , Whether it is related to technology , As long as you are interested and eager for Technology , Fill out the form , There's a chance to be selected . 

The types of scholarships available this year are Student 、 Open source and new 、 Open source veteran 、 Technical expert 、 Open source Entrepreneurs 、 Community leaders 、 Open source volunteers 、 Women's open source power There are eight kinds of , Everyone can choose the scholarship category according to their own situation , Fill out the application form . Because the award selection is mainly based on tables , So filling in sincerely will increase the possibility of winning .

Candidates can be in Linux Choose any course in the foundation's Open Source Software Park , And attend one free Linux Any certification test offered by the foundation , The cost of study and examination is borne by Linux The foundation's open source software park undertakes . Excellent applicants will also receive Linux Issued by the foundation's open source software park Open source Star Award . In addition to getting scholarships , It can also realize an open source wish , If you change your resume 、 Job opportunities such as internal promotion 、 Media resources such as Story Sharing and community exposure 、 Become GVP project 、 Attend open classes and activities . 

Linux The talent incentive program of the foundation's open source software park provides people who love open source with learning opportunities and display platforms , Everyone is likely to get a scholarship , Welcome all open source enthusiasts to actively participate in , Show your energy in the open source field .

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