Hard core observation 407 HTTPS everywhere browser extension is about to retire

Linux China 2021-10-14 04:23:51

HTTPS Everywhere Browser extensions are about to retire

Electronic Frontier Foundation , stay HTTPS Recovery of adoption rate , And some browsers launch HTTPS-only After the model , It is preparing to make the famous HTTPS Everywhere Browser extensions , stay 2022 Enter maintenance mode in .HTTPS Everywhere The browser extends to 2010 year 6 Month launch , Is one of the most successful browser extensions ever . The working principle of this extension is , If the website has HTTPS Options , The network connection is automatically transferred from HTTP Switch to HTTPS. at present , There are about    Our website supports HTTPS Connect .Chrome and Mozilla It was previously reported that ,HTTPS Traffic usually accounts for... Of their daily connections 90% to 95%.

Lao Wang comments : Next goal ,HTTPS-only! in the future , It's like tftp equally ,http Maybe it's a relic .

Two years later, , A modern GNU Wget2 2.0 Release

  yes Wget Successor , The project began in 3 Years ago , And it's stalling 2 After year , Finally released the first official version 2.0. It was designed and written from scratch , Work in a multithreaded manner . in many instances , because HTTP2、HTTP Compress ,Wget2 Download faster than Wget1.x Much faster . It supports more protocols , especially HTTP/2 And compression , Support multi-threaded connection 、 Parallel download , Added HTTP2 Upload , Adopt new -download-attr Option support HTML5 Download properties , And other improvements .

Lao Wang comments : In terms of characteristics , This is a very anticipated version . I just hope it can be actively maintained from now on .

Google Sue the Indian Competition Commission for public findings

The Indian Competition Commission found in an antitrust investigation that ,Google Use it “ Strong financial strength ” Illegal attack on competitors . Facing this conclusion ,Google Decided to launch a campaign against the Committee , Said the other party should not disclose the results to the media . The investigation by the Indian antitrust agency started in 2019 year , Results found Google It seems to be using its dominant market position to weaken the space for device manufacturers to flexibly choose mobile operating system versions , And force them to pre install Google application .

Lao Wang comments : Google means , Although everyone knows that I monopolize , But you can't say you know .

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