Hard core observation 408 young people have lost the concept of computer folders

Linux China 2021-10-14 04:23:43

Young people have lost the concept of computer folders

Now young people who use computers are used to using the search of the operating system to find files , Instead of finding folders and files according to the file system path . The older generation of computer users are used to “ Think of a project living in a specific folder , I have to look for it in that folder ”, And young people “ Think of it as a bucket , Everything is in this bucket ”, So thousands of files are piled on the desktop . In the eyes of the older generation of computer users ,, They have maintained a well-designed collection of nested subfolders since childhood . But because of 21 The search function of the operating system born in the early 20th century has now become the default function , And the way mobile phones and tablets cover up their file structures , And the popularity of cloud storage , Young people don't see their hard drives the same way .

Lao Wang comments : This is not necessarily a bad thing , But this subtle change , It's still amazing . How did you find your file ?

The United States will start a plan to replace Huawei equipment in the U.S. network

The federal communications commission (FCC) Monday , It will open a 19 A billion dollar plan , To compensate American telecom operators, mainly in rural areas, for dismantling network equipment made by Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE, which are regarded as a national security threat . last year ,FCC Huawei and ZTE are designated as national security threats to communication networks , Operators with ZTE or Huawei equipment are required “ Destroy and replace ” These devices . But this is a big problem for rural operators , Because they face high costs and it is difficult to find workers to dismantle and replace equipment , therefore ,FCC Subsidies will be provided to these operators .

Lao Wang comments : Anyway, the compensation money is printed ,FCC It doesn't hurt at all .

Cloudflare Working on e-mail security

Monday ,Cloudflare  Two e-mail security and safety products , To catch more targeted phishing attacks 、 Reduce the effectiveness of address spoofing and reduce the consequences of users clicking malicious Links . The company will provide these functions for free , Whether the customer uses by Gmail、 Microsoft 365、 Yahoo , Even like AOL Such an old-fashioned mail service .Cloudflare The CEO said , The company has not been involved in the field of e-mail security , Because I think “ Like Google 、 Hosting providers like Microsoft and Yahoo will solve this problem ”, But a few years later , This is still not a solved problem . He added , This is not because of Google's lack of progress , But there are too many e-mail threats to deal with , therefore ,Cloudflare Decided to build additional defense tools , Let the company and its customers use .

Lao Wang comments : As the founder of China anti spam Alliance , I have a certain understanding of e-mail security . exactly , Google has done some effective work in this regard , But these years , In fact, the progress of e-mail security is not good , Now it seems that more people are needed .

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