Hard core observation 409 stack overflow "copy and paste keyboard"

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Stack Overflow Of “ Copy and paste keyboard ”

Stack Overflow This year's April Fool's day says , It will restrict free access to its website , Unless people buy “ The key ”, One with open Stack Overflow、 Device for copying and pasting buttons . But everyone seems very interested in this keyboard , So at a keyboard enthusiast and custom keyboard manufacturer Drop With the help of the ,Stack Overflow Designed a real keyboard , And start with   At the price of .

Lao Wang comments : Such a keyboard , Would you like a piece of ? You deserve it ~

On behalf of the advertiser 、 Industry organizations of publishers and technology companies “ Open web movement ” Complain to the EU today about Google , Call Google Chrome Browser cancel Cookie Our plan is an antitrust act , It will seriously affect the revenue of advertisers and publishers . Google announced early last year , Third party will be phased out in the next two years Cookie Support for , And plans to promote its “ Privacy sandbox ” technology . But publishers and advertising technology companies complain that , What Google calls “ Privacy sandbox ” Will limit their ability to collect information about network users , Thus affecting their ability to provide more valuable advertising .

Lao Wang comments : Apply a common saying ,“ The monk felt , I can touch it, too ”. Advertisers are thinking , Why can you Google alone , Don't let us touch .

AI Judge a pair of values 660 A famous painting worth million pounds is a fake

Rubens' paintings, one of the most important collections of the British National Gallery 《 Samson and Delilah 》, yes 40 Years ago, at Christie's auction, at the then record price 250 Million pounds to buy , Equivalent to today's 660 Thousands of pounds . Critics have long believed that the painting did not really come from Rubens . And now , A series of scientific tests using breakthrough artificial intelligence technology have come to . With the 148 After comparing an undisputed Rubens painting , The probability that it is not an original work of Rubens is 91.78%, In contrast to that , Another painting collected by the British National Gallery is 98.76% The probability is true .

Lao Wang comments :AI Technological progress , It can often do many things that human beings can't do and can't do well , I think this is AI Areas that really should play a role .

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