Hard core observation 410 domestic well-known "open source software" Zhimeng CMS claimed a license fee of 5800 yuan from users

Linux China 2021-10-14 04:23:29

Well known in China “ Open source software ” DedeCms CMS Recourse to users 5800 Yuan authorization fee

DedeCms CMS(DedeCMS) It is a widely used content management system in China , Recently, it issued a notice saying ,“ In addition to personal non-profit websites , All need to buy DedeCMS Commercial use authorization , The authorization fee is RMB 5800 element ”. It requires that in addition to personal non-profit websites , stay 2021 year 10 month 25 Japan 24 Authorization must be purchased before . allegedly , DedeCms CMS The official has passed AI The forensics machine has completed the material forensics of the whole network , And formed a huge team of lawyers . Many people have been weaving dreams CMS As “ Open source free software ”. But in fact, it is not open source software , Nor is it free software , Not even free software —— Because according to its agreement , Only “ Personal non-profit websites ” Free use , This licensing agreement is clearly not OSI Approved “ free use ”.

Lao Wang comments : it is to be noted that , DedeCms CMS It's not open source software , Please take a detour .

Google Lawyers say the most common search term on Bing is “Google”

these years ,Google It has been attacked for its dominant position in the field of network search . This week, ,Google Present an evidence , The most common search term on Bing is obviously “”.Google Use this perspective to prove that its customers choose to use Google Search, not competitors , Not because it is the default option on its device . Bing is Microsoft's search engine , It's the company's Edge Browser and Windows Default options . at present , The technology giant is facing difficulties in the EU because of its behavior 50 Billions of dollars in fines . EU for Google The case ruled that ,Google“ Unfairly ” stay Android Push its search engine on the mobile phone , Make it the default option for these devices , To force competitors to exit .

Lao Wang comments : Enter the name of another search engine in one search engine , I don't know what you're thinking .

Microsoft knew five years ago Exchange Of Autodiscover defects

We've had... Before Exchange Of Autodiscover defects , It will reveal user credentials . But in fact, Microsoft has long been 5 I knew this defect years ago , And insisted it was not a problem , There is no repair .2016 Someone emailed Microsoft's security response center in , The defect is pointed out ,“ Basically , I've found that getting in plain text Exchange( Therefore, it also includes the active directory ) User passwords are very easy ”. Microsoft has this situation , but “ Make sure it's not a security issue ”, Instead, let users send messages to the server “ Before sending the request , Make sure it's trustworthy ”.

Lao Wang comments : The problem is , When a client sends a request to these servers , I didn't know there were these default servers , Even after sending, I don't know .

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