Half of the developers of hard core observation 411 consider resigning because of bad code, but if the money is enough

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Half of the developers consider quitting because of bad code , But if enough money is given ……

One right 200 Of a software engineer ,51% Our engineer is considering resigning because of technical debt , among 20% Of people say this is the main reason why they left the company . But when interviewing for a new position , Technical debt is only the fourth factor . Salary matters most ,82% Of people think it is one of the most important factors in interviewing for a new position . Technological challenges and growth opportunities are the second important factor ,75% People chose it .68% Of people chose the teleworking factor , Only 62% Technology debt is regarded as the primary consideration in changing jobs .

Lao Wang comments : In a word , You can give me enough money .

Half of the businesses PC Can't upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 For specific processors and TPM 2.0 This requirement means that a large number of users will not be able to upgrade to the operating system . let me put it another way , If your PC is 2017 Made years ago , It's running Windows 11 May face obstacles . A for enterprises , Only 54.53% Your enterprise workstation is determined to be upgradeable , Most servers cannot be upgraded . One of these devices meets the requirements CPU Only 44.4%, Meet the requirements of TPM Only 52.55%.

Lao Wang comments : unfortunately Linux The desktop suck up , What a chance .

AI You can predict whether it will rain in two hours

Google's DeepMind And scientists from the University of Exeter in collaboration with the Met Office , Can make more accurate weather , Including key storms and floods . The system learned how to identify common rainfall patterns , It uses English 2016 - 2018 Radar map of , stay 2019 Tested on the map in , Meteorologists found that , stay 89% In this case, the prediction is accurate .

Lao Wang comments : another AI Good areas for .

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