The survey found that nearly half of musk and Gates' twitter fans are 'robots'

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:23:22

10 month 1 Daily news ,《 Forbes 》 The magazine recently targeted a number of super rich 、 New research by business tycoons and their social media fans shows that , These people have a lot of fake fans on twitter .

among , Tesla CEO elon musk · musk (Elon Musk) And Microsoft co-founder Bill · gates (Bill Gates) The proportion of fake powder is the highest , Reach near 50%.

Researchers use audit software SparkToro Collect data from well-known accounts , It is found that many billionaires in the world have a flood of fake accounts and chat robots in their twitter accounts .

Musk fake powder, which has become the richest man in the world, has the highest proportion . Studies have shown that , In his 6000 Among ten thousand fans , Yes 2800 Million is a false account , Of the total number of fans 46.5%. Musk is very active on twitter , In the past, it has attracted criticism for controversial tweets about Tesla and so on .

In the past , Musk also attacked false accounts , Because there's about 1.5 Ten thousand accounts pretended to be himself , Some of these accounts even attracted tens of thousands of fans .

meanwhile , Gates was also found to have a large number of fake twitter fans , His 5500 Among the million fans 42% It's a completely false account . Watching Amazon founder Jeff · Of the Bezos account 260 Among ten thousand people , There are more than 100 Wanshi fake powder .

Twitter CEO jack · Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) So it is with , He has a total of 570 10000 fans , among 170 Ten thousand people are fake powder .

Although it is easy to draw such a conclusion : celebrity “ Buy ” Fake fans are designed to increase their influence on social media , But these people may be different . contrary , People who create a large number of chat robots and false accounts are more likely to choose to follow and interact with celebrities online , To make it more real , And avoid Twitter's robot detection system .( Little )

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