Data abuse? Storage of important automobile data in China according to law: officially implemented from now on

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:23:18

10 month 1 Japan , According to CCTV news , Jointly issued by the state network information office and other five departments 《 Several regulations on vehicle data security management ( On a trial basis )》, Officially implemented today .

《 Regulations 》 advocate , Automobile data processors insist on “ In vehicle treatment ”“ No collection by default ”“ The accuracy range is applicable to ”“ Desensitization treatment ” Equal principle , Reduce disorderly collection and illegal abuse of vehicle data .

《 Regulations 》 clear , The automobile data processor shall fulfill the responsibility of personal information protection , Fully protect personal information security and legitimate rights and interests .

Vehicle data processor has the purpose and sufficient necessity to enhance driving safety , To collect fingerprints 、 A voiceprint 、 Face 、 Biometric information such as heart rhythm .

《 Regulations 》 emphasize , Automobile data processors carry out important data processing activities , It shall comply with the provisions on storage in China according to law , Strengthen the security protection of important data ; Implement the requirements of risk assessment report system , Actively guard against data security risks ; Implement the requirements of the annual report system , Timely and actively submit the annual vehicle data safety management .

It is really necessary to provide important data overseas due to business needs , The vehicle data processor shall implement the requirements of the data exit safety assessment system , It is not allowed to provide important data abroad in violation of the exit safety assessment conclusion , And report relevant information in the annual report .

According to the relevant person in charge of the state network information office , a 《 Regulations 》 It aims to standardize automobile data processing activities , Protect the individual 、 The legitimate rights and interests of the organization , Safeguard national security and social public interests , Promote the rational development and utilization of automobile data .

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