Kidde launched a new networked moon smoke fire detection alarm and entered the Chinese consumer business market

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:20:19

【TechWeb】10 month 1 Daily news , recently , stay Kidde Kaide brand and new product launch ,Kidde Announce the launch of new networked products -MOON Smoke fire detection alarm and intelligent whole house home alarm series , Announce a hundred years together Kidde Kaide brand enters China's consumer business market .


With the improvement of living standard , Chinese consumers' pursuit and investment in quality of life are increasing day by day , Attention to home safety has also increased . According to relevant data ,2020 In, the demand of Chinese smart home product users for home security products was as high as 92%[ The data come from CSHIA Research released 《2020 White paper on ecological development of smart home in China 》. Under the general trend of intelligence , Intelligent security and fire protection products have become the preferred choice for safe and comfortable living life of end consumers .

In order to better serve Chinese consumers , Meet people's concerns about safety 、 The need for comfortable living space ,Kidde Kaide has been committed to building home safety alarm products in the whole house intelligent scene , Provide all-round intimate protection . this Kidde Kaide is a new online product launched for the Chinese market -MOON Smoke fire detection alarm and intelligent whole house home alarm series , It can provide real-time security guard , Realize timely and accurate alarm , Help Chinese consumers enjoy a safe home .

Networked - MOON Smoke fire detection alarm : Networked -MOON Smoke fire detection alarm is one of the highlights of this press conference , With its multi-directional and multi band photoelectric detection technology , Detect the occurrence of smoke in the environment around the clock , High precision perception of dangerous situations ; Its unique maze design , Can quickly sense the fire , Alarm on site and transmit the alarm information to the user's mobile phone at the same time , And support connection Kidde Cade APP, Users can view data and alarm information in real time , Remotely monitor the situation at home . Besides , Networked -MOON Combustible gas detection and alarm will also be launched this year 11 On the listed .

Networked -MOON Smart whole house home product series : Including door magnetic switch sensor 、 Infrared human motion sensor 、 Wireless water immersion sensor and wireless temperature and humidity sensor , Cooperate with intelligent wireless gateway , It can intelligently sense the movement of human body and the change of ambient temperature , Monitor indoor water leakage and furniture switch status , Realize door and window anti-theft alarm , And upload it to Kidde Cade APP, Escort home safety .

Independent smoke sensing alarm : In addition to networked home intelligent alarm products ,Kidde Kaide has also created a number of independent smoke sensing alarms , Easy installation at the same time , It can realize fast, real-time and accurate alarm , And installed through the mobile terminal Kidde Cade APP Push an alert , Reduce the occurrence of accidents that threaten the safety of human settlements in life .

It is worth mentioning that ,Kidde Cade gateway and APP Apply to Kidde Multiple products in Kaide's smart suit . Users can use the networked door magnetic induction alarm 、 Networked infrared monitoring alarm for human body 、 Networked water immersion alarm and networked temperature and humidity sensing alarm receive and understand the home safety status in real time , Be able to master all the police information , And share the device with your family , Jointly monitor family safety , Improve the comfort and convenience of life .

“ Since entering the Chinese market ,Kidde Kaide is always committed to providing advanced integrated fire and security solutions , Focus on providing comfortable and safe living .” Zhou Shiyi, vice president of Asia Pacific of carrier's fire and security products division, said ,“ This release is networked -MOON New products of smoke fire detection alarm and intelligent whole house home series , It will not only bring more convenient and comfortable new home intelligent security experience to end consumers , It will also meet users' pursuit of high-quality life with advanced industry technology , Protect people's safety .”

future ,Kidde Kaide will continue to cultivate the Chinese market , Meet the diversified intelligent needs of Chinese consumers for home safety , Bring more comfortable home safety experience , Help China's home fire safety industry upgrade .

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