Benchmarking Huawei mate X! Exposure glory's first folding screen flagship Q4 release

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:20:15

glory CEO Zhao Ming once said , Glory will fully impact the high-end market , Build a top flagship that honors consumers , Launch your own “Mate” and “P” series .

Today, , According to digital bloggers @ Juchang pictures Fans news , Glory will release its first folding screen mobile phone at the end of the fourth quarter of this year , The code or is “Magic X”.

The blogger revealed , Honor this new folding screen machine and Huawei Mate X2 Similar shape , But there are some differences , Glory is full of confidence in this new folding screen .

This year, 6 month , Screen supply chain consulting company CEO Ross Young fact , Glory's first folding screen mobile phone will use the foldable panel provided by BOE and vicino .

meanwhile , It is said that the machine will adopt double screen design , The internal folding main screen is 8 Inch , The external secondary screen is 6.5 Inch , And still doing UTG Ultra thin flexible glass cover plate master test .

according to the understanding of ,UTG Ultra thin flexible glass cover is a new technology , Screen cover technology that can realize ultra-thin glass coverage , It can significantly improve the scratch resistance of the folded screen .

It is worth mentioning that , The blogger also revealed , If nothing goes wrong , Huawei Mate V Folding screen phones will also be unveiled in the fourth quarter , The positioning of this new machine with up-down folding scheme should not exceed 10000 yuan , Mainly for female consumers .

If the information is true, , Then the folding screen Market in the fourth quarter will usher in two new heavy machines , Worth waiting for .

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