China Mobile Gao Tongqing: actively promote 6G to form a global unified standard system to avoid industrial fragmentation

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:20:08

【TechWeb】10 month 1 Daily news , Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology ( hereinafter referred to as “ Ministry of industry ”) And the International Telecommunication Union ( hereinafter referred to as “ ITU ” or ITU) At the high-level seminar , China Mobile Group Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ China Mobile ”) Deputy General Manager Gao Tongqing was invited to attend the exchange , And he made a “ Strengthen global standards opening and innovation cooperation , Together towards a better digital future ” The keynote speech of .


Gao Tongqing said , Since China Mobile joined ITU 20 Over the years , Attach great importance to standardization , Actively implement the national strategy , Take on the important task of enterprises as the main body of innovation , Constantly improve their own hard power , Expand the circle of cooperative friends , The standardization work has been realized from scratch , From having to being excellent , It has become one of the important forces to promote the development of global communication industry .

stay 4G Time , China Mobile strives to break through TD-LTE Key core technology , Finally push TD-LTE obtain ITU Officially recognized , Become the world's two major mainstream 4G One of the standards . stay 5G Time , China Mobile is IMT-2020(5G) The main advocate and builder of technology and standard system , New demand 、 Start with new technology and future network design , Take the lead in launching the research on network standardization all over the world , Served as “ Network and systems working group ” And the rapporteurs of several research groups , Leading push forward 5G Network requirements and architecture 、5G Industry network 、 Fixed migration integration 、 Integration of heaven and earth 、 Network intelligence and digital twin 、 Standardization work in multiple technical directions such as computational force network , It's a powerful impetus 5G And the construction of future network standard system . It is worth mentioning that , China Mobile is composed of joint industrial partners SPN(Slicing Packet Network, Sliced packet network ) Technical standards promotion team , towards ITU-T Submitted for 5G Carrying SPN Technical advice , adopt 4 Unity and cooperation in , Submitted in total 300 The remaining proposals , stay 2020 year 9 Of the month ITU-T SG15 At the plenary session ,SPN The three core standards were adopted , Mark the SPN Overall original technology as ITU-T The next generation transport network technology system was officially established , For the world 5G Bearing provides technical guidance .

Gao Tongqing said , Facing the future , China Mobile will continue to be based on ITU, Actively pool the strength of all parties , On a larger scale 、 Further tap the potential of digital space , make “ Digital intelligence cluster ”, Contribute more originality to the world 、 Leading technological innovation , Join hands with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain , Promote the research on the cutting-edge technology of the next generation network . China Mobile will focus on ITU Research groups , And the Internet 2030、 Quantum information 、 Focus groups such as autonomous networks , Broad consensus , Full launch 6G Potential technical standardization work , Focus on incubation “ Ultimate performance, combination of virtual and real 、 Intelligent endogenous determination service 、 Ubiquitous connectivity network integration ” etc. 6G Potential technology family , In order to promote human society to enter a wider 、 More profound digital intelligence era contributes new strength .

Gao Tongqing said , The development of global communication network is in a critical period , As the world's largest operator and industry leader , China Mobile will further promote network intelligence 、SPN、 Block chain, etc. IMT-2020 Global application of the results of the standard system ; China Mobile will rely on ITU platform , Working with industry partners , Further strengthen distributed autonomy 、 Air space integration 、 Computing power network, etc IMT-2030 Forward looking technology layout , Actively promote 6G Form a global unified standard system , Avoid industrial fragmentation . The current international situation is complex and changeable , Global scientific and technological cooperation faces great challenges , China Mobile will, as always, support the spirit of global multilateral cooperation advocated by the United Nations and ITU , Committed to promoting the original innovation of science and technology 、 Low carbon and efficient development and ecological cross-border integration , To jointly build an innovative digital future 、 Green digital future and open digital future contribute .

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