The "monthly test" report card of the new car built under the lack of core: Xiaopeng and Weilai took the lead in "breaking 10000", and the ideal plummeted by 25%

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:20:04

【TechWeb】 Xiaopeng automobile announced 9 Monthly delivery results .9 In January, the total delivery volume of Xiaopeng automobile reached 10,412 platform , The growth rate is up to 44%, among P7 deliver 7,512 platform , It is the highest in five months .

Since the third quarter , Xiaopeng automobile delivery continues to make efforts ,7-9 Monthly cumulative delivery reached 25,666 platform , The delivery volume in a single quarter is close to its 2020 Annual delivery .

meanwhile , Wei Lai also achieved good results , 9 Intelligent electric vehicles were delivered in January 10,628 platform , Year-on-year growth 125.7%. third quater , Weilai has delivered new cars in total 24,439 platform , Year-on-year growth 100.2%, Hit a new high in quarterly deliveries .

2021 Over the years, we have delivered 66,395 platform . also ,9 month 30 Japan , Wei Lai announces ES8 Officially listed in Norway , At present, the delivery of the first batch of vehicles has been completed , It is expected to continue to drive up sales .

For delivery volume , Wei Lai said :“ We will announce the delivery guidelines for the fourth quarter of this year on the third quarter earnings conference call , Not predicted separately 10 Delivery in the month . What you can see now , In terms of orders 8 After a record month of orders ,9 Orders in may still maintain a very strong momentum . As long as the supply chain does not deteriorate further , In the fourth quarter, it will increase month on month .”

The most seriously affected by the supply chain is the ideal car —— Not only did it not exceed expectations 「 Break ten thousand 」, Instead, the decline is serious .

Ideal car 9 Monthly delivery 7,094 The car is ideal ONE, Despite the year-on-year growth 102.5%, But it's down... Month on month 25%, It's one of the new car building forces , The one most affected by the supply chain .

Although the crotch is pulled in a single month , Ideal this year Q3 Cumulative delivery 25,116 car , Year-on-year growth 190%.2021 The first nine months of the year , The ideal total vehicle delivery is 55,270 car . Since delivery , Ideal ONE At present, the cumulative delivery volume has reached 88,867 car .

“ Affected by the continuous shortage of chip supply , Ideal car 9 Monthly delivery has decreased . since 2021 The ideal ONE Since listing , The number of orders continues to grow . We are taking more measures , To ensure the supply of parts , I hope to shorten the waiting period for the user to pick up the car as much as possible .” Shen Yanan, co-founder and President of ideal automobile, explained .

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