On the first day of the long holiday, the top three scenic spots in China were the West Lake, Tiananmen Square and Guangzhou tower

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【TechWeb】10 month 1 Daily news , According to the big data of Gaode transportation travel ,10 month 1 The morning of 9 It's time to 12 It is the peak of high-speed departure , The peak is in 10 when -11 when .


By 15 when ,G0421 Qingyuan section of Xuguang expressway 、S39 Yangzhou section of Jiangyi Expressway 、G6517 Wuzhou section of Wuzhou Liuzhou Expressway 、G1503 Shanghai ring expressway 、G25 Huai'an section of Chang Shen expressway 、S15 Wuhan section of Hancai Expressway 、G4 Shaoguan section of Beijing Hong Kong Macao Expressway 、G40 Hefei section of Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway 、G2518 Yunfu section of shencen Expressway 、G15 Suzhou section of Shenhai expressway has become one of the top ten congested Expressways on the first day of the long holiday . 

By 15 when , The national driving cross city hot move into the city ranking , Guangzhou 、 dongguan 、 foshan 、 Shenzhen 、 huizhou 、 Suzhou 、 Hangzhou 、 Chengdu 、 Chongqing 、 Maoming ranks in the top ten , They are all southern cities . Among the top cities to move out by driving across cities in China , Guangzhou 、 dongguan 、 Chengdu 、 foshan 、 Shenzhen 、 huizhou 、 Hangzhou 、 Suzhou 、 nanjing 、 Beijing ranks in the top ten , Among them is 5 All of them are cities in Guangdong .

By 15 when , Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 、 Beijing Daxing International Airport 、 Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport 、 Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 、 Shanghai Pudong International Airport 、 Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 、 Hefei Xinqiao International Airport 、 Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport 、 Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport 、 Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport and other ten airports , Become the most popular airport for driving ; Guangzhou South Railway Station 、 Chengdu East Railway Station 、 Shanghai Hongqiao Station 、 Hangzhou east station 、 Beijing West Railway Station 、 Beijing South Railway Station 、 Xi'an station 、 Changsha South Railway Station 、 Shenzhen North Station 、 Hefei South Railway Station and other ten railway stations , Become the most popular train station for driving .

Scenic Area , By 15 when , Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Spot 、 The tiananmen square 、 Canton Tower 、 Qiandao Lake scenic spot 、 Summer Palace 、 Tiantan Park 、 Baiyun Mountain scenic spot 、 Badaling Great Wall 、 Beijing Zoo 、 Beihai Park is one of the ten most popular scenic spots in China , Going to Tiananmen Square to watch the raising of the national flag has become a beautiful scenery on November 11 this year .

National carbon reduction , Green Travel . By 10 month 1 Japan 15 when , Choose bus 、 metro 、 Riding 、 More than... Gaode users travel in green ways such as walking 2000 Thousands of people .

Every happy trip during the National Day holiday , Can't do without traffic police all over the country 、 Scenic spot staff 、 Drivers, masters and other groups work overtime to protect silently .

Tips from traffic control bureau of the Ministry of public security , The tidal traffic flow is obvious this year , Gaode intelligent transportation helps traffic police all over the country to escort people's holiday travel . By 15 when ,252 The traffic police of a city release authoritative information on Gaode map 23359 strip , Help users travel reasonably , Avoid congestion , The resulting carbon emission reduction reaches 88.8 Tons of . Gaode map's congestion avoidance function helps each user save travel time on average 5 minute , Let the happy time of the holiday , Less waste on the road .

9 month 30 solstice 10 month 1 Japan 15 when , Gaode taxi helps taxi drivers increase their income more than usual 30%. During the National Day holiday , Gaode map will continue to play “ Good for rent ” Cooperation advantages , Help tour taxi drivers get more income , Just complete the corresponding order , You can get up to... In a single day 200 Yuan bonus .

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