Youbixuan panda robot appears in the China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo and can also play Tai Chi

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:19:59

10 month 1 Japan ,2020 The Dubai World Expo opened , The theme of the Dubai World Expo is “ Communicating ideas , Create the future ”, It aims to pool the strength of the international community 、 Promote global cooperation 、 Create a better future , share 192 Countries participated , It is expected to attract 2500 Million visitors visited .

according to the understanding of , China Pavilion is one of the largest pavilions in Dubai World Expo , The theme is “ Building a community of shared future for mankind —— Innovation and opportunity ”, Closely following the theme of the Dubai World Expo , Integrate innovation and opportunity 、 Communication and cooperation 、 Global focus on development and sustainability , manifest “ the Belt and Road ” The initiative brings development opportunities and cooperation potential to countries along the route , It fully reflects the promotion of common global development 、 China's proposition of building a community with a shared future for mankind .

Youyou panda robot and large humanoid service robot independently developed by youbixuan technology Walker X Also officially unveiled at the China Pavilion of the Dubai World Expo , As the China Pavilion of the Dubai World Expo “ Messenger of peace and friendship ”, Panda robot youyou is based on the image of giant panda , stay Walker X On the basis of , Customized for China Pavilion of Dubai World Expo . Panda robot youyou 41 individual “ The joints ”, Can play Tai Chi , Performing national style calligraphy and painting skills .

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