Apple pushed IOS version 15.0.1 to fix the bug involving iPhone 13

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:13:58

【TechWeb】10 month 2 Daily news , Apple to iPhone User pushed iOS 15.0.1 to update , This distance iOS 15 The official version has only been released in about two weeks .


Apple iOS 15.0.1 The official version fixes that some users cannot use Apple Watch Unlock iPhone 13 Of Bug.

It's just iPhone 13 A series of new machines have just been released , Some users complain on social platforms that when users wear masks , Certified Apple Watch Can't unlock iPhone 13/Pro series .

Besides ,iOS 15.0.1 The update also fixes the error prompt iPhone Storage space full alert problem .

stay iPhone 13 After the launch of the series, many users said that they had been prompted when there was still a lot of mobile phone available space iPhone Not enough storage space , It's very disturbing .

however , Also by a large number iPhone 13 User make complaints about automatic macro function , That is, when the user is shooting, as long as he is close to the main body, the mobile phone will automatically switch to macro mode , It cannot be closed manually , This user experience pain point feedback is not yet in iOS 15.0.1 Adjust in update .


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