Weekend Hotel reported that Ctrip forced businesses to "choose one from two". Ctrip responded: there is a misunderstanding against "choose one from two"

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:13:54

【TechWeb】10 month 2 Daily news , For weekend hotels App Real name reporting Ctrip forces Hotel merchants “ A choice ” the , Yesterday evening , Ctrip issued a statement , Statement and “ Weekend Hotel ” Some misunderstandings caused by , Positive communication has been made 、 explain . Firmly support fair competition in the hotel industry , against “ A choice ”, At the same time, Ctrip cherishes all its partners .


10 month 1 Japan , Weekend Hotel App Release real name report information , It said that it has continuously received requests from major cooperative hotels to remove the products released on the platform . The reason is that the hotel received a notice from Ctrip , It is required that hotels that have a cooperative relationship with weekend hotels take off the shelves and release products on the platform , Otherwise, it will face the cancellation of special license by Ctrip 、 Current limit and other penalties and restrictions .

According to the media , Weekend Hotel App The person in charge of said , At present, relevant evidence has been collected , Reserve the right to sue .

For this weekend Hotel App Reported incidents , Ctrip issued a statement for 3 Point description .

The statement said , In the field of hotel pre-sale, Ctrip has been working with industry media and KOL Keep a good cooperative relationship , It also includes “ Weekend Hotel ”, The two sides have been communicating well before , Smooth cooperation .

At the same time, it means , Hotel pre-sale is a platform 、 Channel and business cooperation , Attract consumers with advantageous prices , A marketing method to digest off-season inventory , Generally, it does not apply to popular holidays . in fact , Before the holidays , Hotels will generally take a large number of pre-sale inventory off the Ctrip platform , In order to increase revenue . For this kind of behavior , On the premise of not violating the benign competition order of the market , Ctrip has always given full respect to the hotel 、 Understand and support , And actively cooperate with the hotel's operation strategy . Right now and “ Weekend Hotel ” Some misunderstandings caused by , Positive communication has been made 、 explain .

in addition , Ctrip emphasizes that it has always abided by relevant laws and regulations 、 Support the regulatory system 、 Abide by industry norms , Firmly support fair competition in the hotel industry , against “ A choice ”.

Enterprise inspection information shows , The weekend hotel belongs to Shanghai Haoyi International Travel Agency Co., Ltd , Is a “ A membership Hotel Resort product platform built by social e-commerce ”, Through strict election 、 Centralized purchase is VIP Paying members provide vacation services with both quality and cost performance to meet personalized needs , Products include hotel reservation vouchers 、 Packaged products for hotels and scenic spots . The latest round of financing was 2019 year 4 In may , The investment comes from Chenxing capital and Gobi venture capital .

in fact , National laws and regulations impose mandatory restrictions on platform enterprises “ A choice ” There are clear warnings about the management of .

This year, 2 month 7 Japan , Issued by the anti monopoly Commission of the State Council 《 Anti monopoly guidelines of the anti monopoly Commission of the State Council in the field of platform economy 》 Yes “ Operators in the platform are required to conduct business between competitive platforms ‘ A choice ’, Or other acts that restrict the counterparty to conduct exclusive transactions with it “ Whether it constitutes “ Restricted trading behavior ” Made it clear .

Reflecting more on all aspects of society “ A choice ”、“ Big data kill ” Other questions ,《 guide 》 clear , Identify the abuse of market dominance in the field of platform economy , It is usually necessary to define the relevant market first , Analyze whether the operator has a dominant position in the relevant market , Then analyze whether it constitutes the abuse of market dominant position according to the case .

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