Weima automobile sold 5005 vehicles in September, with a year-on-year increase of 115.8%

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:13:39

【TechWeb】10 month 2 Daily news , Weima Motor announced its 9 In sales 5,005 car , Year on year increase 115.8%. thus , Weima's sales in the third quarter 13,378 car , Year-on-year growth 137.5%, Record single quarter sales .


Up to now, Weima automobile has continuously 9 Last month, it achieved a year-on-year increase , This year, 1-9 month , The cumulative sales volume of Weima automobile has reached 29,043 car , More than the total sales of last year (22,495 car ), Achieve positive year-on-year growth in sales ahead of schedule .

Founder of Vemma 、 The chairman and CEO Shen Hui said , Chinese families have a low car ownership base 、 Great potential , And high acceptance of new energy vehicles and intelligent experience . Since its establishment , Weima automobile continues to focus on 15 ten thousand -25 Ten thousand yuan mainstream automobile market , In new products 、 The new retail 、 New services and other multi-dimensional efforts , Practice “ Technology inclusive ” Idea . As the first one in China with limited scenarios L4 Mass production models of class I driverless Technology , new W6 Once launched , It has been widely concerned by the market . With Wima “ Thousands of stores in thousands of cities ” Planned accelerated layout , Goodway EX5 The cumulative sales volume since listing has exceeded 6 Thousands of cars , Firmly occupy the new power of China's car making A Grade a pure electricity SUV The cumulative sales volume is the first .

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