Eleven data of Baidu map 2021: the national high-speed congestion mileage exceeds 7000 km

TechWeb 2021-10-14 04:13:37

【TechWeb】10 month 2 Daily news ,2021 The National Day Golden Week officially opens , According to Baidu map holiday travel dashboard data , By 10 month 1 Japan 14:00, The average congestion mileage of National Expressway on that day 3863.28km, a 2020 Year on year decline 33.3%,  a 2019 Year on year rise 49.4%, The peak of high-speed congestion occurs in 10:30, The congestion mileage is 7680.31km. meanwhile , Major transportation hubs in China 、 The scenic spot 、 Playground 、 The heat of shopping centers has also increased significantly .


According to Baidu map, the travel dashboard shows : On the first day of this year's national holiday, the national highway congestion mileage is relatively high 2020 Annual decline , And the trend of high-speed congestion starts in the morning 4:30 It starts to rise , And in the morning 10:30 It's peaking , High speed congestion mileage 7680.31km.10 month 1 Japan 14:00 data display , High speed congested sections are concentrated in central and southern cities ,G15 Shenhai expressway 、G35 Jinan Guangzhou expressway 、G36 The congestion mileage of some sections of Ningluo Expressway ranks among the top three .

In terms of traffic flow at transportation hubs ,10 month 1 Day in the morning 3:30 After, the passenger flow index of major transportation hubs began to rise , a 2020 Half an hour ahead of time ;4:30-10:00 During this period, the flow of people index rose rapidly , After that, the trend was flat , And in 11:30 After reaching the peak, it decreases slowly , On 13:30 It began to show an upward trend again . By 14:30, Guangzhou 、 Hangzhou 、 Shanghai's transportation hub has a large distribution of people , Shenzhen North Station 、 Xi'an north railway station 、 Chengdu East Railway Station 、 Changsha South Railway Station 、 Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport followed .

In terms of popular scenic spots , The west lake 、 Thousand island lake 、 The passenger flow of the Forbidden City has increased significantly . among , Chengdu Zoo grew the most , Daily growth 427.57%.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful National Day holiday outdoors , The public also likes to “ Buy buy buy ” Spend in . According to Baidu map big data , This morning, 9:30, The pedestrian flow index of national popular shopping centers began to rise . By 16:00, Guangzhou Zhengjia Plaza 、 Beijing Huiju Shopping Center 、 Tianhe City 、 Shanghai global port 、IFS  Shopping centers such as the international financial center have the highest pedestrian flow index .

meanwhile , The amusement park is still the first choice for some people to punch in . Through Baidu map big data, you can see , morning 6 spot , The pedestrian flow index of national popular amusement parks began to grow , By 14:30, Among the popular amusement parks in China, Shanghai Disneyland Resort 、 Beijing Universal Resort 、 Beijing Happy Valley 、 Wuhan Happy Valley 、 Shenzhen happy valley ranks high .

In terms of population migration , The overall migration trend throughout the country is rising .9 month 30 Japan , The top three most popular cities in China are Guangzhou 、 Chengdu 、 Beijing , The top three most popular cities to move out are Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Beijing . Popular cities have a large population flow , And the hot cities that move in and out overlap highly .

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