The famous host Li Hao's wife eats spicy hot, squats directly on the ground without a stool, and one leg occupies three seats

Tencent Entertainment 2021-10-14 04:04:12

In recent days, , Well known host Li Hao showed his wife's recent situation behind the scenes on his social platform , Guo Xiaomin, also a well-known host, is not popular now , But I have been active in the public view with my husband , At three or five o'clock, you can see the couple work together .

This time, Li Hao secretly photographed his wife Guo Xiaomin eating spicy hot with the staff backstage , Although wearing uncomfortable high heels , But because there is no stool , Xiaomin squats directly on the ground to eat , No star burden at all .

Because the long legs in the picture are too eye-catching , Li Hao even make complaints about the long legs of his wife , Netizens said that when Xiaomin's long legs can occupy three seats , Li Hao said directly , I was pushed away , The lively atmosphere between husband and wife sounds quite interesting .

Husband and wife are rare partners in the entertainment industry , Usually work is basically in the form of husband and wife , the other day , When Xiaomin and Li Hao host the program together , The couple are still on the show , Sprinkled a handful of dog food , None of them are married at all 9 Years old husband and wife .

last year , Li Hao, Guo Xiaomin and his wife even served as guests , Together in Joker Xue's short video , It seems that three people have a private relationship , It should be very good .

Now Li Hao and his wife have two babies , Live quite happily , Although he didn't become a popular host in the circle , But each has its own brilliant representative works, which are well known by everyone .

The host is no better than the big star , They eat with their professional knowledge , At any age , No matter how many children you have , As long as the strength is still , Can shine forever in the lens .

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