Jin Chen was praised for his performance at the National Day party. He was accused of sincerity in clothing matching, and got full marks for expression management

Tencent Entertainment 2021-10-14 04:04:09

The National Day party was held as scheduled , Many stars perform on the same stage , The scene was extraordinarily spectacular , The female stars are all dressed up to attend , Show your talents on the stage , While bringing a visual feast to the audience , It also brings an auditory feast to the audience , The performance of some female stars at the National Day party won the praise of the audience , Jin Chen is a typical example , Jin Chen's clothing style is accused of being sincere , And expression management got full marks .

10 month 1 Japan , Jin Chen updated a dynamic message in his personal social account , Sun out a group of beautiful photos of the nine palaces , And a caption “ I have the honor to participate in the party , Happy birthday to my motherland , Happy National Day, everyone ”, Among the nine photos released by Jin Chen , There are four pictures of Jin Chen at the National Day party , There are also some photos of Jin Chen at the National Day party , The content of the photo is still wonderful .

From this group of photos exposed by Jin Chen , Jin Chen's performance at the National Day party was really good , Take Jin Chen's modeling , Jin Chen is wearing a long dress with suspenders , The main color of this suspender dress is Khaki , There is a big red flower on the face of this skirt , Not only does Jin Chen's temperament look particularly noble , And it's full of atmosphere , This should be the most beautiful stage modeling of Jinchen .

Jin Chen is not a female star who likes to show her figure very much , This time, her clothes for the National Day party still showed her figure , From this point of view , We can see that Jin Chen is very sincere , in addition , Jin Chen's performance on the stage is also very good , Take Jin Chen's expression , Her every expression is well handled , Not only does Jin Chen look very energetic , And Jin Chen seems very passionate .

After Jin Chen updated this dynamic in his personal social account , It soon aroused heated discussion among netizens , From the content of netizens' comments in the comment area , Jin Chen's modeling has been affirmed by netizens , Some netizens gave full marks to Jin Chen's expression Management , Some netizens even expressed “ Not ordinary beauty ”.

Judging from the comments of netizens on Jin Chen , Jin Chen's performance at the National Day party was praised , Come back , Jin Chen's performance really supports this praise , Personally, I think , Whether it's style or expression , It seems that Jin Chen is very sincere , Judging from Jin Chen's performance in recent years , It seems that Jin Chen is more elegant , What do you think? ?

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