Lizzie's family of eight rarely have the same frame! 15 years older, her husband's hair is gray, and her mother's diamond ring is too photogenic

Tencent Entertainment 2021-10-14 04:04:03

In recent days, , Liz exposed herself on the social platform 50 A family picture of my birthday , This time Lizzie also spent time with her family , The whole family gathered together in an orderly way , Three generations of pictures in the same frame , It looks quite happy .

Lizzie's brother and parents, which are hard to see at ordinary times , It's also rare to show up this time , Instead, Lizzie's rich husband became “ Edging ” role , Already this year 65 Ma Yanqiang is not young , Gray hair looks a little old .

But compared with these Lizi family members who usually pay more attention , This time, Lizzie's mother rarely snapped the camera , With jeweled clothes , This time, Lizzie's mother is even more expensive than her daughter in the camera , A large pearl necklace , At first glance, it's expensive .

Even in close proximity , The ring on Lizi's mother's hand is also very dazzling , Such a shining diamond ring , The price must be very high .

Many people think that Lizzie is still developing so well after she retired from the circle , It must be my husband , But in fact , Judging from the recent situation of Liz , The reason why her career is so brilliant , In fact, I still rely on my own efforts .

Even the decoration of a new company , Lizzie should also be present in person to participate in the design of each place , She participated in the whole process , It seems harder than any employee .

Other female stars walk the red carpet in high heels , Lizi is standing on the construction site in high heels , Look serious , With the impression that everyone has a hollow skin bag “ Vase beauty ” As like as an apple is to an oyster .

Today's Liz takes off her star aura , In fact, she is a standard practical female entrepreneur , In educating children , She also adopted a quite grounded way of Education . Take public transport to work , Care for the elderly living alone during holidays , Do charity together and so on , This is Lizzie's best education for children .

A female star marries a rich family , Everyone is used to . But Lizzie told everyone with her experience , A female star married to a rich family , How wonderful you can live , Such positive energy and hard-working public figures , Is really worthy of everyone's worship .

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