Crazy fan culture, sad under the bright appearance, Zhang Xiaofei: I'm disbanded, you still come

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It is said that :“ People are afraid of famous pigs ”, This sentence is put in the film 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 And Zhang Xiaofei, who is very popular , It can't be more appropriate .

Zhang Xiaofei was unknown before , But in this one 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 After the broadcast , Her commercial value has been realized . Therefore, he set foot on a new peak of his life and career , At the same time, it is also famous this time , It has brought great trouble to Zhang Xiaofei .

In the event of Zhang Xiaofei picking up the plane, which was noisy by netizens , Zhang Xiaofei is hard to say . In order to pick up Zhang Xiaofei , Her fans packed the whole airport , This scene disgusted many people .

The behavior of fans hinders the normal order of the airport . Fans take pictures with their mobile phones , Under the coordination of security , Formed a magnificent wall “ wall ”, It's even more incredible .

And after this phenomenon is uploaded to the network , It caused an uproar in an instant , People began to criticize Zhang Xiaofei's “ Big name travel ”, And in this case , Zhang Xiaofei is really hard to say .

People familiar with Zhang Xiaofei should know , Zhang Xiaofei is a very low-key star , If not this time, because 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 And quickly became popular , Probably many viewers don't know her yet , And it is for this reason , In this case , Many people have misunderstood Zhang Xiaofei , So mindless followed suit to black Zhang Xiaofei , But the truth is not like this .

thank you all , Walk slowly .

Maybe For Zhang Xiaofei ,《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 Achieved her efforts in the first half of her life , But it also indirectly created her current problems . When Zhang Xiaofei was not well known by the public , She is at ease to prepare for her acting career , Concentrate on polishing your work , To improve their own strength .

The outside world has little voice for her pointing , For an actor , It is undoubtedly a valuable cultivation time .

And as a really powerful actor , Zhang Xiaofei's popularity is expected , She just lacked a chance before . stay 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 In , Zhang Xiaofei plays the role of Jia Ling's mother .

With Zhang Xiaofei's superb acting skills , She finally ushered in the explosion of her acting career , Began to really enter the vision of the national public . And this is a phenomenon , It also means that Zhang Xiaofei has to bear more criticism from the public , No matter what kind of star artist , Can't be avoided .

In this time, Zhang Xiaofei's fan group picked up the plane , When it aroused public debate , It also makes people feel : Worthy of being a star , Ostentation is big .

In the early , Wu moufan 、 Luo Zhixiang and others are among the top in the entertainment industry , It can be said that the scenery is infinite . Travel is packed with fans . In the past, people did not talk about it alone , After Zhang Xiaofei became famous, the fans picked up the plane , Why is it not accepted by the public ?

And in the final analysis , After the top stream in the entertainment industry had an accident and fell off their horses , People's subconscious worry and gradual disapproval of the current situation of entertainers in the entertainment industry . Wu Yifan and others who people supported before , Finally, not only quit the entertainment industry , He was sent to prison , It deepened People don't trust the star artists in the entertainment industry now .

Zhang Xiaofei is the star who is popular in this entertainment environment . Before, people knew little about Zhang Xiaofei , Created this phenomenon now . And under this phenomenon , Behind it is The broad influence of the national Qinglang movement on the public .

It's a clear day in the entertainment industry , What are the real artists and fans

For star artists , Keeping a distance from fans is the most appropriate . In Wu Yifan 、 In the Luo Zhixiang incident , The mindless protector of fans , It's even more shocking and disgusting .

In Zhang Xiaofei's public speech , Zhang Xiaofei said he didn't need the fans. The fan group has been dissolved . And this airport pick-up incident , It is undoubtedly the hype behind the capital by using Zhang Xiaofei's heat . Netizens should have a clear understanding of the current situation , We should know more about Zhang Xiaofei , Judge this matter again , Instead of casually criticizing Zhang Xiaofei with the public opinion on the Internet .

Whether it's star artists or fans, the public , There should be an appropriate safety distance between the two , The white point is that you shouldn't take care of it. Don't take care of it . Some time ago Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying The mutual tearing of fans , What's more, this unhealthy trend in the entertainment industry has reached a peak , This also confirms that in addition to the reversal of the status of stars and fans in the entertainment industry .

With the holding of the national Qinglang movement , This unhealthy trend in the entertainment industry will be curbed . Those really powerful stars will appear in front of the public , Not the so-called traffic star . The public will also improve their aesthetic ability for stars , The era of entertainment traffic is coming to an end .

Conclusion :

Behind the Zhang Xiaofei incident , It is not just the crazy phenomenon of deformed fan culture that has been exposed , It is also the carnival of the entertainment industry after being infiltrated by capital and flow . The fan group has become a pawn in the hands of capital and flow , Being frantically squeezed out of surplus value .

Zhang Xiaofei's pick-up , It's just a cover for the public to vent their dissatisfaction with the current situation of the entertainment industry . Star artists in the entertainment industry , Behind the popularity is full of all kinds of dark side transactions or unknown darkness , And all this , Will be in the national Qinglang movement , Opened little by little .

For the public , In the face of things in the entertainment industry , Don't rush to stand in line. First decide who is right and who is wrong . The entertainment industry is full of uncertainties , Not behind all the star artists , As bright as the surface . Wu queer 、 Luo Zhixiang's had accidents one after another , Are confirming a sentence , During the avalanche , No snowflake is innocent .

The public should look at the entertainment industry from a dialectical perspective “ Big melon ”, A real star artist , After the avalanche , Really appear in front of people .

When the country began to vigorously rectify the entertainment industry , The carnival of capital and flow is coming to an end , from 《 DLC, tan 》 The beginning of the traffic era is about to begin to decline .

Concentrate on polishing the hard requirements of acting , Began to be recognized by the public . Gossip 、 Star artists who hype popular , Has not been accepted by the public , therefore , The rectification direction of the entertainment industry has been pointed out by the public , The reform in the era of traffic is imminent .

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