After breaking up with the new guest, Zhou Yangqing made rapid progress in his relationship and was confessed by the man. The ideal requirements were consistent with the man

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On the reality show 《 The love of daughters 4》 In the middle Zhou Dynasty, Yang Qingda recognized that he loved Luo Hao , Got the blessing of many netizens . But the good times don't last long , Before long, the two people chose to go their separate ways because many views were difficult to integrate , Surprised the audience .

Surprise is surprise , The audience still supports Zhou Yangqing's decision , After all, Zhou Yangqing's three views are mature , Emotionally, it's not “ The small white ”, Therefore, her choice to break up with Luo Hao and become a friend again must have been carefully considered .

After the short love with Luo Hao , Zhou Yangqing did not become negative and decadent , But choose to continue to pursue love . Even if you encounter all kinds of setbacks on the emotional road , Zhou Yangqing still moves forward bravely with a positive attitude , It's admirable .

The forthright Zhou Yangqing generously revealed his after breaking up with Luo Hao “ plan ”:“ Just keep dating , This is my love attitude all the time .”

If Zhou Yangqing wants to continue dating , Let netizens have a strong interest in her new date . In the expectation of netizens , Zhou Yangqing's new male guest who is going to date has finally lifted the veil of mystery , As soon as he appeared, he surprised everyone , Long legs , Good looks , When I was with Zhou Yangqing CP Feel full .

Zhou Yangqing is cheerful and optimistic , And the new male guest Chen Ruifeng is not “ wood ”, High EQ, know how to take care of the woman's feelings , They are very chatty , Even if it's a little awkward at first , But the two people with similar personalities soon got into a good conversation .

Sure enough, if you want to get out of the haze of a failed relationship, you still need “ New love ” Help out , In get along with , The relationship between Zhou Yangqing and Chen Ruifeng has developed rapidly .

10 month 2 Japan , stay 《 The love of daughters 4》 In the latest episode of , Chen Ruifeng and Zhou Yangqing suddenly became interested in watching horror movies together , The courageous Zhou Yangqing was very calm when watching horror films , As a big man, Chen Ruifeng is very afraid and keeps covering his eyes and screaming .

Although horror movies make Chen Ruifeng uneasy , But he still didn't forget to pay attention to Zhou Yangqing , It can be seen that Chen Ruifeng is very concerned about Zhou Yangqing . See this , Addo said it bluntly :“ Boys really like her , Because during the movie , He kept paying attention to Zhou Yangqing .”

Chen Ruifeng is also very frank about his feelings , I didn't hide my love , Express :“ Through these days of getting along , I think I've confirmed my feelings for her , I like her .”

And after knowing how I feel about Zhou Yangqing , Chen Ruifeng also asked Zhou Yangqing what the ideal requirements are , See if you meet .

Zhou Yangqing's answer delighted Chen Ruifeng , Because Zhou Yangqing said he liked it “ Deep facial features 、 heavy 、 Tall 、 Looks like the hero of an idol drama ” People who , And additional requirements “ Talk to yourself ”, These conditions , Chen Ruifeng has met .

Chen Ruifeng, who got Zhou Yangqing's answer, said frankly in an interview :“ I'm very happy , But I held back , The other person happens to be your favorite , Then I talked to you again , You happen to be the type that the other party likes , I can't believe it's true .”

It's really not easy to meet someone you like and can talk to , And still “ Two way to ” It's even harder . Look at CP Zhou Yangqing and Chen Ruifeng, who are full of feelings, are progressing smoothly , Many netizens also hope they can harvest happiness .

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