Chen Ruifeng took the initiative to take a photo with Zhou Yangqing and sprinkle sugar. They are each other's ideal type and are willing to continue their contacts

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《 The love of daughters 》 It's on the air , The official blog will release the latest stills on the day of broadcasting , But few recording stars will forward , Except Zhou Yangqing's date, Chen Ruifeng .

After each program starts , Chen Ruifeng will release stills with Zhou Yangqing , It seems that I want to take the opportunity to show my love secretly .10 month 2 Japan , Chen Ruifeng took photos again and sent a document : Rock-paper-scissors , I'll take out the cloth .

The program was recorded very early , From this copy , It's hard not to guess that they have succeeded hand in hand ……

The two in the picture are playing with stones, scissors and paper , A child's childish game is played very happily by them , It mainly depends on who you are with .

Chen Ruifeng is willing to gamble and admit defeat , Beaten by Zhou Yangqing's inflatable hammer , There is a feeling of rejoicing the enemy , If it were Luo Hao , I guess I have to be angry again .

In order to quickly understand Zhou Yangqing's personality , Give her a psychological test , The measured result is that Zhou Yangqing is very specific , Will give each other space , And can quickly get out of a failed relationship . Zhou Yangqing's call is 100% correct .

Chen Ruifeng took advantage of their high interest , Ask Zhou Yangqing about his ideal , Zhou Yangqing described : Deep facial features 、 heavy 、 Tall 、 Idol drama man's face value 、 talk .

After listening , Chen Ruifeng's heart blossomed with joy , But pretending to be calm , Claiming to be trying to hold back , I can't believe it's true , Because he thinks he meets every condition very well , Also quite confident .

Look at this , Luo Hao doesn't seem to agree with any of them , The most basic “ talk ” Not at all , So breaking up is a matter of time .

Chen Rui has expressed his ideal type before , He likes a thick face 、 Straightforward 、 Big eyes 、 The cold girl , But Gao Leng only occasionally comes to outsiders , Be enthusiastic about yourself .

After listening , Zhou Yangqing sighed that he was completely following his own description , But the first day they met , Chen Ruifeng actually doesn't know each other . Zhou Yangqing's ridicule program group is based on Chen Ruifeng's ideal .

Look at their love state , The observers in the studio were all aunts laughing . Even Zhou Yangqing's agent called their sparks crackling .

Luo Hao and Zhou Yangqing met because of their agents , So I saw two people break up , The agent has been in the midst of remorse and guilt . Although he and Zhou Yangqing are colleagues , But he said “ I will always be your knight ”. Of course, Zhou Yangqing has made it clear that it is impossible for them to .

Faced with the imminent decision whether to continue contacts , Zhou Yangqing took the initiative to ask Chen Ruifeng if he would like to go out with him for another week ? Chen Ruifeng said he couldn't , Then explain that a week is not enough , A month can . Zhou Yangqing called it greasy .

But for now , Zhou Yangqing and Chen Ruifeng have shown a trend that women are stronger than men in their careers , An own brand of clothing and make-up , The business is booming , One participated in 《 Create a camp 》 losing , unknown , I wonder if it can go far .

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