Why is Changjin lake so "arrogant"?

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As a super blockbuster leading the National Day file ,《 Changjin Lake 》9 month 30 1 , when 5 Hours 12 branch 19 One hundred million seconds , It has become the fastest grossing film in the mainland in the past two months , The box office will break on October 1 4 Billion .

The number of people who made an appointment for the early release of the film in the North cinema reached 16000 people , Billing 4 Seconds are all sold out , The pre-sale box office before the official release is as high as 1.3 Billion , From fixed file to point screening, to pre-sale, and then to official release , Word of mouth is the same, five-star praise .

And by the 10 month 2 Japan 13:48 branch , According to the latest data ,《 Changjin Lake 》 Continue to lead the National Day file , Box office to achieve 6.63 Billion .

This is by Chen Kaige 、 Lin Chaoxian 、 Three directors of Tsui Hark directed , Duan Yihong 、 Hu Jun 、 Han Dongjun 、 Li Chen 、 Wu Jing 、 Jackson Yi 、 Zhang Hanyu 、 Ya wen zhu ( In alphabetical order ) Wait for a group of stars , Lineup immortal lineup 、 Grand theme plus live shooting , No wonder the praise is so high , So at the box office “ Arrogance ”.

01. The movie scene exploded , The scene is real

Watch the whole movie , If nothing else , Visual experience is an absolute lever , The film exploded in the first three minutes .

The background of the story is the most important battle of Changjin Lake in the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea , In the frigid zone of Northern Korea , The outdoor temperature is as low as minus 40 degrees , All the land we looked at was a vast expanse of white .

Facing the advanced weapons of the US Army 、 The oppression of powerful equipment , The volunteers narrowly escaped death in machine gun fire .

The thrilling explosions and the actors really avoided , Let countless audiences in front of the screen seem to be in it , empathy , Trying to escape in a hail of bullets , Live ammunition made our adrenaline soar in front of the screen .

Gave up green cloth and special effects , Only with the most real shooting , He took the whole group of actors to shoot in Zhangjiakou for nearly half a year , Showing a cold and harsh alpine zone ; Without informing the actor in advance , tipping “ bomb ”, The real reactions in the hail of bullets were quickly captured ……

In addition to live shooting , Special effects are also indispensable , This one and 80 The shock of special effects scenes jointly created by many special effects companies is also comparable to Hollywood blockbusters .

The planes and tanks were making a crazy crash , The mood of the audience is also ups and downs . It is said that , Guangincheon has been doing this special effect back and forth for more than ten months , The whole movie is just two words : Addiction .

02. The story is true and infectious

Not only the size of the scene, but also the explosion , The story line is also infectious , Both national conditions and brotherhood have been shaped to be extremely true .

In that era of scarcity , The US military has its own tough logistical supplies , Ham 、 bread 、 Turkeys were truckloaded to the war zone , The soldiers have a big backpack ,

In contrast , The only thing left for the Chinese volunteers was the frozen potatoes .

After Lei Gong, played by Hu Jun, died in the war , Wu Jing's Wu Qianli painted a red frame that could never be erased on the book recording the names of all the soldiers in the seventh company .

The moment when his comrades in arms who had fought with him for many days died , How sad these volunteer soldiers should be .

Long 3 There was not a word of nonsense in the whole hour film , There are no old war films “ Kindness, love and love ”, Some just abandon their homes in the face of national disaster , In the face of the enemy, they are strong volunteers , In private, they are just ordinary husbands 、 father , It's a member of the seventh company . They will also escape from war to war , It's good to be alive .

03. Actor acting online

Speak true , If there are no good actors , Whatever special effects you are 、 What a touching story, the audience won't pay for it .

The most amazing thing about this movie is the Yiyang Qianxi. , Although there are 《 Young you 》 and 《 Give you a little red flower 》 Wait for some high-quality films to protect him , But as a traffic star, he participated in the film, and the audience was still a little worried . But when I really walked into the cinema , See the moment of the appearance of Wu Wan Li, which is played by Yiyang Qianxi. , I'm not worried .

Yiyang Qianxi is Wu Wanli, a poor boy without culture. , When he first joined the army, the ignorance and fear in his eyes were something that veterans did not have , Later, it went through wars again and again , Again and again with death .

His eyes were filled with the tenacity of volunteer soldiers and the hatred of facing the enemy , Thousands of miles of growth has made countless audiences feel the same .

And Wu Jing's second brother Wu Qianli , He came home with his brother's ashes , The surface is unusually strong , But when kowtowing to my parents, a drop of tears hit the ground .

This also fully shows the strong grief and strength of the volunteer soldier .

Of course , Except these two brothers , Any actor in the play adds luster to the play , Every detail is worth pondering .


Just as netizens commented :“ This is not a movie , This is a war epic .” The three directors permeate each other , So that the sense of fragmentation of the film is not so serious , But each director has his own distinctive characteristics ,

Have to say ,《 Changjin Lake 》 It's amazing ! I hope this war film can really infect every Chinese , Let them understand that peaceful life is hard won , Also hope that 《 Changjin Lake 》 Box office sales .

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