The most popular role of "Chang Jin Hu" is not Wu Jing, Yiyang Qianxi, but Hu Jun's acting is called textbook.

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A historical blockbuster about the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea 《 Changjin Lake 》 since 9 month 30 Since its release , The box office and word of mouth are rising , All the way , Vaguely, there has been a national day box office champion .

This is by Chen Kaige 、 Tsui 、 The war history blockbuster jointly directed by three top directors Lin Chaoxian , It took three hours to restore the cruelty of the war and the bravery of the people's Volunteers .

The three directors with distinctive styles try their best to cast the parts they are responsible for shooting into meaningful classics with the lens , For example, responsible 《 Changjin Lake 》 Most of the literary plays in are written by Chen Kaige , The shooting of the big scene war drama was jointly completed by Tsui Hark and Lin Chaoxian , In this way, it not only photographed the cruelty and profound significance of the war , It also tells the audience with group portraits , Why do we say that these volunteers are “ The loveliest person ”.

《 Changjin Lake 》 In the movie , Besides the most important war to resist US aggression and aid Korea in the main line , The most striking branch story is the young man wuwanli ( A thousand seals of easy closing ) In my brother's five thousand miles ( Wu Jingxiu ) And the seventh is interspersed with the instruction of many people on how to step by step from a stubborn and unruly “ Bear children ”, Grow into a qualified soldier , Acting skills are skilled and there is no lack of aura .

The role of Wu Wanli has been in “ Make trouble ”―― Dressed in sloppy clothes, he took his little friends crazy playing on the beach , All day long, I took a stone to draw water and bleach. The accuracy is good enough to smash a stone through a passing sail , This kind of fearless “ Wild children ” After entering the army, we are faced with a group of veterans who have really been on the battlefield, carried guns and killed the enemy , They teased the unconvinced recruit , Look at him jumping up and down with anger , And try every means to teach him how to live on the battlefield .

It can be said that Wu Wanli's growth is inseparable from the seventh, interspersed with everyone's teaching : He was strafed by enemy planes and sacrificed in the hills of the dry river valley. He didn't struggle to death 、 Mei Shengwen, played by Zhu Yawen, can speak English to lure the enemy Wu Neng into face-to-face hand combat with American soldiers 、 Duan Yihong's sharpshooter Tan Ziwei holds his shoulder and tells him that there are no heroes who can't die in the world 、 Lei Suisheng, an artillery soldier played by Hu Jun, uses his life to teach him what a hero is .

Especially Lei Suisheng ( Hu Jun ) With Mei Sheng ( Juya decoration ) These two characters , It is also the finishing touch in the film .

Zhu Yawen plays the seventh company instructor Mei Sheng , He had been discharged from the army and went home , But after being summoned by the superior , Resolutely pushed the newly bought bicycle onto the train to North Korea , The portrayal of this character in the film is very “ nudges ”, As soon as he appeared, he had a soft southern accent 、 The wind and fire has driven many days, and the military uniform is still clean and tidy , Carry a box full of military medals with you , Afraid to stay at home and let parents and wives see it will be sad , With a picture of her daughter in her arms , Talking about children's arithmetic problems “4+4=7” The smile on his face makes people feel soft .

But he is such a soldier who values his family , In the face of this inevitable war , Still chose to demobilize and return to the team .

Most of the time, the role of Meisheng feels gentle and elegant , But when he came to the battlefield, he quickly showed his excellent military skills , I think when he goes deep into the enemy with Wu Jing , That amazing sentence “watch out” It's not just a small trick to catch the enemy off guard , It also caused laughter from the audience .

And corresponding to his elegance , Maybe the seventh company has been committed to being everyone “ Dad ” My father Lei Suisheng ( Hu Jun ), This character is an old artillery , Five hundred miles and five thousand miles ( Wu Jingxiu ) He brought out both brothers , Wu Wanli ( A thousand seals of easy closing ) After enlistment , He was also handed over to Lei Suisheng by his brother , I hope this experienced veteran can really teach Wu Wanli how to live on the battlefield .

Have to say , For example, Lei Sui was born in the process of getting along with Wu Wanli, a recruit egg , I finally understand why his nickname is “ Ray Dad ”, The first is to deal with Wu Wanli, a happy bear child who doesn't walk and coaxes Shun Mao , Know he's eager to carry a gun , On the train, he gave the other party a used bullet case , Wu Wanli looked around, took the bullet case and asked him “ Head? ”, You can also tell the other party to give it to him when you get to the battlefield , There is no psychological burden of cheating recruits .

But it's really on the battlefield , Lei Suisheng not only gave 50000 Li bullets , He also took out from his arms a baked potato that he was too hot to eat ―― He really treated these young recruits on the battlefield as his own children and taught .

The biggest tear point of the whole film is also placed in the section where Lei Suisheng sacrificed with a signal bomb , Before Mingming started fighting, he just promised to go home with him for the elderly , I have to recognize Wu Wanli as my son , Full of longing for a happy life in the future , This makes his death even more tragic , Especially leaning in the arms of his compatriots before he died , That sentence with wide eyes :“ It really hurts. , Don't leave me here alone .” It is also true with sadness .

so to speak ,《 Changjin Lake 》 Each part of the play more or less impresses the audience , Because we clearly know that every character in the film is real , Every plot is real , It is because of the deep , So it can become a classic .

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