Zhang Ziyi had a "King bombing" when she was a director for the first time. What's the shrewdness of "me and my parents"?

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《 Me and my parents 》 It's on , The works of four young directors , Give people a lot of surprises , With the front 《 My country and I 》、《 My hometown and I 》 Dissimilarity , This time there was no big director to be chief director , The directors of the four units are also halfway monks , Only Wu Jing and Xu Zheng achieved good results .

Zhang Ziyi and Shen Teng are both directors for the first time , It is also a bold attempt to transform and broaden their fields .

What's unexpected is , Zhang Ziyi's first time as a director was impressive , Bring it as soon as you come up “ Wang fried ”, The second unit 《 The poem 》 Won a lot of praise from the audience , Frankly speaking, Zhang Ziyi is too smart .

that , Directed by Zhang Ziyi 《 The poem 》 How much “ Shrewd ” Well ?

First of all , Story narration

《 The poem 》 The overall narrative is actually very flat , Simply tell the story from the protagonist's family . The story is set in the story of the launch of Long March 1 , It's about what happened during the manufacturing of China's first man-made satellite .

The beauty of narration is that it doesn't deliberately sensationalize , Like when my father died , Just through a loud noise , The children went home , The next day my father didn't come back to describe .

Even without deliberately creating a tragic atmosphere , But in other ways ,《 The poem 》 The narrative is very advanced , And the most resonant place is poetry reading .

Recite it affectionately , You will understand the director's intention , The original calm in front 、 Peace is for this last moment .

second , Sound impact

《 The poem 》 There is a special setting , That's three experiments, three loud noises instead of . The first loud noise , The children are playing , To tell the audience about it . The second bang, my father died , You can see from the children's actions , Things are different . The third loud noise , Represents success .

Three loud noises , The sound effect will be great , It gives a strong impact on people's hearing .

We talked about that earlier ,《 The poem 》 The overall narrative is relatively calm , So talk , Stories are told quietly , But suddenly there was a loud noise , This forms a sharp contrast , The audience will also feel that this is a dangerous and necessary thing to do .

Don't use too many words to describe and say , But the audience already knows the director's intention , Obviously , Zhang Ziyi's handling is very advanced .

And the story of my sister becoming an astronaut , In fact, it is also a kind of inheritance , Once crying daughter , Adhering to the wishes of his father and mother, he became an astronaut , This is what we pay for the people .

Third , Emotional impact .

Have to say , The last poem recitation , It gives people a great impact .

This chapter is called 《 The poem 》, Tell the truth , From the beginning, it will give people a feeling that it is too literary and artistic , Some people even think , Will it not look good ?

actually ,“ The poem ” There are many meanings , The first is the poem written by the father to his son , The father promised the child to write poetry , Then my father died , Poetry mother finished this thing . This represents the commitment of parents , Also tell the audience , Many researchers work for their motherland , No time to take care of the family .

The second meaning of poetry is the reading of the last poem , For example, what is to be done , What is death , What is the universe , What is space . This poem romanticizes the work of scientific researchers . In the eyes of children , I don't understand why parents know the danger and do it . In the eyes of the audience , Will think they are great .

《 The poem 》 The overall degree of completion is very high , Very advanced in emotional rendering , It won't be offensive . The lens in the film is also very good , The shooting of desolate scenes is unexpected .

To make a long story short ,《 The poem 》 Let me look at you with great admiration , Zhang Ziyi is very smart .

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