At 69, Liu Xiaoqing's most amazing 6 sets of red carpet clothes not only crush Gong Li, but also have more material

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69 Liu Xiaoqing's most amazing 6 A red carpet suit , Not only does the aura crush Gong Li, but also there is more material ; Check Liu Xiaoqing 6 A stunning red carpet moment , Better than Gong Li. I don't know , But it must be better than her , Gong Li can't catch up with this !

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Yesterday, because of the red carpet at the closing ceremony of Beiying , Gong Li and Liu Xiaoqing both appeared on the red carpet , Orange wrote a duel about the temperament of Gong Li and Liu Xiaoqing, which seems to be very popular with fans , So , Let's continue this topic today , Everybody knows that , Gong Li has always been a killer of the red carpet aura , As long as Gong Li appears on the red carpet , The actress , There's basically nothing else , In a word , Gong Li is worthy of being emperor Gong , She appeared , It's the scenery , The most focused one , It's a pity that the closing ceremony of Beiying met Liu Xiaoqing , Liu Xiaoqing even in a suit , The gas field is also completely online , You don't need a dress at all , It seems that this time also killed Gong Li's authority !

Many netizens expressed dissatisfaction , Although Liu Xiaoqing has a strong aura , But it won't kill Gong Li , Today, let's take stock of Liu Xiaoqing's most amazing moments on the red carpet , See where Liu Xiaoqing is better than Gong Li !

Red strapless dress , It still feels like a diamond , At first glance , It seems that Liu Xiaoqing is wearing a Red Dragon Robe , Very atmospheric , With her big black waves , It's very natural. , Dignified, noble and sexy ! I don't know if you feel the same , Liu Xiaoqing's smile , It really feels like Empress Wu , It's very natural. !

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